The Techcycled Legend

The One Circuit Board Chip to Rule Them All
Memory chip circuit board pieces destined for epic geekery

It all started long ago in a lab deep within NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL). Megan rued the dearth of truly geeky jewelry and accessories...the fact that the inherent beauty of engineering components goes so often overlooked and that their artistic potential is rarely, if ever, utilized. And so, within the heart of JPL was forged a crude bracelet from copper wire and the remains of a memory chip. While the bracelet was, sadly, unwearable, Megan kept it in the hopes that one day it could be crafted into a beautiful, mighty, and wearable creation.

But years went by and Megan became increasingly discouraged that the bracelet would ever fulfill its destiny. Then one day, as Megan was deciding what to wear to the next Caltech Ballroom Dance Club party, inspiration struck like an arc from a discharging capacitor. Megan pulled out her tools and electrical components and, through several iterations of trial and error, created a pair of earrings with dangling resistors and circuit board pieces. And thus was born the One Pair of Earrings.

The earrings were universally praised and admired among Megan's geeky friends, planting a tiny seed in the back of her mind. The seed slowly swelled over the next several months, and when she found that the domain name "" was available, destiny became clear and the seed began to sprout.

The One Set to Rule Them All: The One Pair of Circuit Board Earrings + the matching Hair Stick
The One Pair and the matching Hair Stick

Girl Geek Boutique — now known as Techcycled — has grown and evolved significantly since then. Our team includes Megan, an electrical engineer unleashing her artistic spirit, Jessie, a physicist with a PhD from Caltech and a killer sense of style, Suzanne, a vivacious retro crafter cultivating her inner geek, and Kayla, a spunky young mechanical engineer with amazing artistic skills. We hand-craft unique jewelry, accessories, and gifts from recycled and surplus components such as circuit boards, microchips, resistors, capacitors, toroids, LEDs, cables, gears, washers, and more computer and electronic components.

Techcycled is run by engineers-become-artists who not only know how to create beautiful and unique pieces, but understand the science behind the components as well. Want to know how the electronic components in that pair of earrings power your gadgets? Just ask us! Not only will you have a unique and beautiful creation, but you will be able to explain the functionality of its components, impressing friends and family with your style and intellectual prowess!

Gifts for geeks, by geeks

Meet the Techcycled Crew

Megan (Captain Girl Geek) and Jessie (First Mate)
Jessie and Megan


Megan has been a girl geek from an early age. She started college at Auburn University in Computer Engineering and Philosophy and finished at the University of California, Riverside in Electrical Engineering. She has started two previous tech-related small businesses, has worked for an internet startup, has researched at UC Riverside, NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, and the California Institute of Technology (Caltech), has interned in the U.S. House of Representatives, and has taught/competed in ballroom dancing. In addition to crafting geekery, she enjoys programming, dancing, and video games. She can be reached at .


After a misspent youth growing up in the greater Washington DC area, devouring popular physics books and science fiction novels with equal abandon, Jessie went on to study physics at Mary Baldwin College, and then Bryn Mawr College, at the ripe age of thirteen. Continuing her quest to reach the pinnacles of geekitude, she received a Ph.D. degree in Applied Physics from the California Institute of Technology when she was twenty three years old for her studies of light, motion, and also (though she unfortunately didn't get official credit for it) West Coast Swing dancing. She is currently a researcher at a major technology company, making sure that the world's computers continue to fill with ever increasing amounts of awesome. Recently she was recognized by Forbes as one of the country's top "30 under 30" in science. She can be reached at jessie :at: .
First Mate Jessie


Kayla is a spunky teenager who loves to read, write, and make art. She has a DeviantART page at BunnyFroofroo where you can contact her and check out some of her artwork, and she also manages Techcycled's DeviantART page. She loves music and is a very acedemic oriented person who enjoys a good challenge. She has recently started college in order to expand her geeky horizons in Mechanical Engineering.
Master Gunner Bunny Froofroo


Suzanne insists her inspiration comes from being blessed with the inabiility to grow up. She has the deepest affection for creativity and appreciates the beauty in everything. Passionate by nature, she has always explored her own creativity, finding inspiration in writing, concrete, jewelry, decorating, and refurb. Techcycled has opened a whole new beautiful world of possibilities to explore using circuit boards and electronics. Working with Techcycled, she has discovered her inner geek and she's confident you will enjoy wearing these creations as much as she has enjoyed putting them together.