Lucky Capacitor and Resistor Electronics Charm - Purple

The Techcycled Lucky Capacitor

What trusty item do you always need by your side when you embark on a new and exciting endeavor?

Why, your Lucky Capacitor.

It's compactly designed and elegantly straightforward in its purpose, transforming the laws of physics into the magic of technology. It stores electrical charge, that life force of computers and electronics, and never hesitates to provide that extra jolt when you need it most.

The mysterious powers of the Lucky Capacitor will ensure that your circuit works the first time, that your compiler never complains of missing semicolons, that your calculation always tucks away negative signs where they belong, and that the standard deviation of your experimental data is infinitesimal.

You can use it to bling your clothing, purse, wallet, keychain, or cell phone. You can dangle it from the clasp of your necklace or bracelet to add that extra bit of awesome. You can attach it to a hair clip to ensure a good hair day. You can clasp it to your backpack, notebook, or writing utensil to cinch that A+ on your upcoming test. The size is unpretentious yet the possibilities are endless.

All these reasons, and many more, are why we of Techcycled think that you should never be without your Lucky Capacitor.

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