In this competitive era, everyone struggles to engage more people in their content. But, not everyone is aware that along with unique and engaging content, it should also be user friendly. To avoid the bad reputation of your website among the users, focus on each element separately. A little confusion may make the user move to another website, leaving yours.

People normally relate to content that reflects their worldview. An interesting content must also be user-friendly, so the reader can share it with others easily. There are six essential elements of a user-friendly shareable content which will be discussed in this article:

1.  Solution To People’s Problems

Content that solves people’s problems will always be valuable and will always have a huge number of shares on social media. Why does it happen? Let’s take an example. A beginner who has to write a masters’ dissertation might be looking for some authentic professionals who can help him out. So an article that provides in detail regarding the best dissertation writing services provider will be helpful to that reader.

When asked by others who are having similar problems, the reader will share the same content with them. In this way not only people find solutions to their problems, but the traffic on your website also increases. The relationship between the content writer and the reader is always two ways, the more you facilitate your audience with quality content, the more they will visit your website.

2- Loading Time

The longer a user has to wait for your website to load, the more the chances are that he will click on some similar website leaving yours. You can improve the speed of your website in a number of ways:

Limit the re-directs

Improve server response time

Optimize the images

3-  Bright Headline

 No matter how useful content you make, if your headlines are gray then no one reads them. A headline should indicate clearly what the content is about. It makes it easier for the reader to decide whether to click on it or not. A user-friendly and engaging content headline should include the following:

– Promise that people will learn something new

– Use a question that arouses curiosity

– Tell the audience how to do something

4- Focus on Minimalism

Minimalism is the most effective and user-friendly strategy. You need to have enough white blanks on the screen to make it easier for the reader to differentiate between different sections of the content. These whitespaces are any empty space on the website. This increases the engagement of the content and also improves the readability. As the screen of the reader is not bombarded with a cluster of texts, the whitespace supports the strategy of minimalism.

This is an important feature that allows a user to search for anything from your website. For example, if your website is about writing services. Make sure you allow the reader to search for relevant articles e.g., the best British assignment writers in the UK. The websites that allow the readers to navigate are more user-friendly than others.

6- Visual Design

It is easy for the user to understand and comprehend the mentioned information and content on your website if relevant pictures are also there. Visual content always attracts the reader more than simple plain text that seems to be boring.

A correct alignment of text with the images is important. Therefore, along with engaging content, the visual design of your website should also be attractive and user-friendly. Many creators put every detail on a single page which doesn’t look appealing; hence the reader leaves that website.

Let’s Sum Up

A blend of user-friendly, engaging, unique, catchy, and interesting content is the key to the success of any website. Therefore, any writer who misses any of these ingredients will lack behind in this race. While others, who include all these elements in their writing and website will succeed.

Write not only for the search engine, but for the readers, your audience. Loyal readers play an important role in the success of your blog or website. Therefore, you should always keep in mind to return the favor by providing quality-content and ease in reading.

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