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The safety and security of the construction worker should be an employer’s primary concern when running laborious and risky construction operations. Whether you own a construction business, a retail warehouse business, or a telephone line repairing service, your business cannot get away without an aerial lift certification for all your operators. 

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has issued mandates in the US regarding aerial lift training programs and certifications for the operators. An untrained and uncertified aerial lift operator is very likely to put the lives of hundreds of workers at risk and cause severe injuries and casualties, let alone damage to heavy pieces of equipment and properties.  

OSHA can also issue penalties if your company violates any of the guidelines it has laid down for the safety of workers or does not fulfill any standard requirement for performing an aerial lift. Hence, operating an aerial lift requires a skilled and trained professional to carry out the work smoothly. This guide provides brief information about aerial lift training and certification.

Aerial Lift Certification And Training

Aerial lift certification is a formal document that states that a person has completed an aerial lift training course that complies with OSHA’s safety and operating requirements. Without one, your worker cannot legally work on any aerial lift platform. Moreover, the OSHA can levy heavy penalties and fines against your firm for violating the stringent guidelines and compromising the safety of the workers. 

The certification can only be achieved through a training course. Training allows workers to realize the importance of their job and the severity of their operations in the work field. Most casualties caused on construction sites due to aerial lift accidents are generally the result of an untrained operator’s error. Therefore, OSHA has strictly issued mandates for operator training and certification to keep fatalities and accidents at a minimum. 

With a legal and OSHA-compliant certification, workers can be assured about their safety while operating an aerial lift and have a rewarding career in the industry. Moreover, employers will not face an issue with the working environment with such a disciplined and trained workforce. 

OSHA Requirements

Occupational Safety and Health Administration or OSHA is the primary regulatory body that inspects and examines workplaces, working conditions, standards, and equipment in labor industries in the US. It has mentioned rigid requisites for aerial lift certification training. Given below are some of the requirements laid down by OSHA for all aerial lift platforms that must be included in a training program to get OSHA’s approval:

  • Understanding, recognizing, and avoiding potential perils 
  • Planning the correct course of action for managing threats
  • Operating aerial lifts safely
  • Knowing the maximum load capacities of different lifts
  • Demos for correct and safe operations of the equipment
  • Knowledge about performing equipment inspections
  • Complying with the equipment manufacturer’s instructions. 

What Does An Aerial Lift Training Program Include?

These programs cover all the basics of operations and their associated work environment. As the course advances, it will introduce the learners to various plans and strategies to avoid accidents and widely-used practices for maintaining safety and efficiency at the sites. After the training, learners are eligible to earn a certificate and get hands-on experience. 

How Long Is The Certification Valid?

The certified cards have a validity of three years from the issuing date after completing the training course. After the expiration of the card, your worker must go through the whole training process again and renew the card.  

Do Employers Need To Provide Training Courses To The Workers?

As the OSHA requirements mention, employers must train their workers before they practically work on the site. Even if a candidate is already certified before hiring, he must undergo the training process again. It is the employer’s responsibility to educate and train the operators for safe equipment operations. 

The Bottom Line

Running a successful business requires complete safety and satisfaction of the workers. If safety is compromised, you will not get the desired results and may be unable to complete your company’s objectives. Providing aerial lift training courses and certification to your workers ensures that your organization abides by all the rules and requirements specified by the OSHA of the US Labor Department. It significantly improves the quality and safety of the work environment.

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