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You are all kings with mobile phones as the crown. Just tap on your phone and there are services ready to be offered. This is the state of today’s modernized world. People believe that they can get whatever they want within the stroke of a pendulum. With advancements in technology, multitasking is a primary tool used everywhere nowadays. What if you can order a pizza in the same app where you can book a ride back home? What if the same app can be used for demanding services like dog care, babysitting, healthcare, etc.? One such one-stop destination is an app named Gojek.

Is it possible to create an on-demand multi-services app like Gojek? Can another multitasking app with greater efficiency than Gojek be created?

The answers to the above questions would be yes. So what does it take to create an on-demand multi-services app like Gojek?

Primarily Ride, Delivery and Service Options

  • Ride
    The user can use Gojek to book a cab or even a two-wheeler to ride to their desired destinations. Just like apps like Ola and Uber, Gojek and other ride apps provide fare estimates, live tracking as well as feedback and ratings.
  • Delivery
    Gojek also provides varied delivery options. This is similar to riding except for the fact that goods or commodities are delivered from one place to another. Just like riding, the pickup and drop locations are specified in this feature too.
  • Services
    In addition to riding and delivery, Gojek stands out in its services as well. Services ranging from healthcare, babysitting, beauty care, and many others can be chosen as per the user’s convenience.

In Order to create an on-demand multi-service app like Gojek, the following features are very much essential.

  • In-app Payment

The app must pave the way to multiple payment options including internet banking as well as wallets.

  • Real-time Tracking

In order to use ride and delivery services, the real-time tracking feature is a must. Moreover, real-time tracking improves the reliability of customers during delivery as well.

  • Support and Feedback System

The app must provide ample options to guide users while using the app. A tutorial before using the app or a chatbot to instantly help out users are mandatory. The feedback system should be well organized as well. The user must be able to express their thoughts in the form of reviews and ratings.

  • Notifications

To provide quality service options to customers, notifications are very much essential. The user needn’t open the app every time if there are notifications provided periodically.

Ways to Create a Multi-Service App

You can start anew to create an on-demand multi-service or approach an app development company.

Creating a new on-demand Multi-Service App

One of the major advantages of starting to create a new app is that the app can be tailor-made just for your expectations. Meticulous planning is required before creating a new app. Surveys, feedbacks are all to be considered beforehand. Moreover, you can own the sole ownership of the app without any external influence

Approaching an App Development Company

There are companies that produce clone apps as per your demand. So, instead of starting from scratch, you can approach an app development company wherein you can have an entire support team behind your back. The apps provided by them are customizable and are often reliable as well. Moreover, with a free demo session, you can have hands-on experience with the app and customize the features according to your needs.

The Gojek clone app will have all the features of the existing app and it may also include additional features as per your specifications.

Additional Features

For your apps to survive in the competitive market, they must possess some additional features in addition to what is present already. These are some of the additional features that may come in handy while creating an on-demand service app.

Design of App UI

An app user interface must contain all the required services within the page. One of the main challenging tasks of the developer is to fit in all services on one single page. Users may find it difficult to switch between pages and this may reduce the efficiency of the app. The success of taxi apps was slightly based on how well the app is designed so hiring a perfect company can reduce the mistakes in app development.

Services according to the Locality

It is rather profitable if services are provided based on the locality where the app is used. For example, food delivery and taxi services are frequently required in the urban corporate zones. Studying the locality thoroughly and providing services accordingly can increase the reliability of the app in different zones.


If you are looking for a customized Gojek clone app, Appdupe helps you in providing the same. With a fully equipped technical team at your back for assistance, this Gojek clone app can help you flourish in the market for a sustained period of time.

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