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Google Play offers more than 2 million apps, most of which can be copied or delayed. It is very difficult to choose the software to become your assistant and transfer from smartphone to smartphone, and the tasks are different for all users. However, we can assure you that only the best apps for Android can add something to your list of favorite apps.

ACR (Another Call Recorder):

another call recorder
Image Source: ANTYApp

ACR is one of the most straightforward, intuitive, and complete call recordings. The application offers a wide range of parameters: more than eight audio formats, recording in automatic and manual modes, uploading files to the cloud, recordings protected with a password, deleting them after a specified time, and much more.

The program is shareware, and the ad-free Pro version costs just over a dollar, and it can also automatically save a single contact. When running in the background, ACR does not use batteries. From an evaluation standpoint, 95% of users can easily use ACR, so Stability is the best app for recording Android calls.

Lightning QR Scanner:

Lightning QR Scanner
Image Source: TrickXpert

Many people still do not understand why smartphones need QR scanners and why they may need to cover QR codes. However, you need to follow technological advances: this type of tag gives you quick access to a wealth of information about goods, addresses, tickets, and sights, it allows you to follow encrypted links on the Internet and is paid instantly for the goods or their delivery.

The best QR code reader for Android is the Lightning QR Scanner which works quickly and accurately. Among the free versions of all similar products, advertising is the most disruptive and fully compatible with standard barcodes. Simple, fast, and free, what else is needed?

Nova Launcher:


The most personalized, smoothest and most beautiful launch rocket for all Nova launchers. If you’ve had enough of your smartphone’s inventory, this app will help you make changes to get it recognized again. Nova not only makes visual changes but also offers enhanced gesture support, unread desktop shortcuts and the ability to flexibly adjust the application menu and context menu features on icons.

The startup is completely Russian, it doesn’t charge resources and doesn’t even work properly on older smartphones (requires Android 4.1+). Another undeniable benefit is the attentive support of the developers who quickly fix and update bugs regularly. In general, Nova Launcher should be included in any superior Android application.



Snapseed is an excellent tool for grading colors. It has complete functionality, including RGB curves and delicate balance, retouching, noise reduction, shredding, and many presets and effects, including double exposure.

This editor is ideal for amateur photographers, but it is not a program that offers excellent one-click manipulation. With Snapseed you can get great results even with your smartphone camera, but at least you have to learn how to use it. If you are interested in the best Android photo processing application because the application process is fully automated, download the photo lab and take advantage of many color photo effects and filters.

Facebook Messenger:

facebook manager
Image Source: MARTechToday

There are many bidding services. Facebook Messenger is also added to the popular Viber, iMessage, and Telegram, with more than 200 million visitors. It has a minimalist design and outstanding features: In addition to sending text messages, the app allows you to share photos, recordings, and videos and make and receive calls.

Where are my Children?

where are my children
Image Source: ScreenTime

A warning is issued when children leave the placement area to increase safety. The hidden link feature allows you to listen to what’s going on around your baby as well as the built-in chat feature. The app supports not only synchronization with smartphones but also synchronization with children’s smartwatches. “Where are my kids” is a love for loving parents.

In summary, we looked at the top 10 apps for Android. We hope this evaluation brings you something new and will help you select helpful assistants for you.

Google Photos:

Google Photos
Image Source: BusinessInsider

Maybe all Android users are familiar with Google Photo, but many users do not use this beautiful app but would rather like it than the regular gallery. Of course, you can use images like QuickPick to display the images, but the charm of the company’s products is not good: Google Photos automatically uploads the images to the cloud. Imagine you are at home on holiday, and the pictures on your computer are already waiting for you.

Also, the integrated processing tools can automatically create collages, animations, and microfilms, view photos by location, object, and face, and remember past photo events in principle, it is the application for most useful smartphone Procedure one.


The irreplaceable assistant for any MapcamDroid driver can act as a radar detector, alerting traffic police stations, high-speed cameras, and high accident frequency locations. To work, you don’t need the internet; just download the database to your region when installing the application. The program is available in about 250 countries, including Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus.

The app works perfectly in the background and syncs with any browser and DVR. MapcamDroid is arguably the best Android anti-radar app, supported by thousands of users every day, updating the database every day and checking the accuracy of the information available.


Image Source: Apple

Remember, this is a great app for creating free memory cards and if you don’t know what it is, we recommend you catch up. Memory cards can be used to plan tasks, take notes and abstract notes, and prepare for a conference or business event – navigating is much easier than regularly storing visually designed thoughts and ideas.

Unlike other similar apps, Midnly not only limits the number of items on the card but also the number of messages, and you can attach extended images and annotations to any icon. It is certainly one of the most useful free applications in the Play market!


Image Source: MobileSyrup

Now Android device owners have the opportunity to get great roadmaps from Yahoo!! -Yahoo again. This is one of the best interfaces: choose beautiful photos from Flickr for each city and weather. In addition to temperature, animated data on wind power, city maps, moon phases and the sun’s current position are also provided.

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