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More and more companies around the world are looking to become more adapted to the dynamic nature of the business world. With economies, sectors, and the world at large, becoming increasingly connected, there are so many ways in which a business may be forced to change – it could be changed in demand or customer trends, new innovations in sectors, or pressures on the economy (much like the pressures that have been present since the onset of COVID-19). 

Business agility is the key to businesses to survive and thrive in today’s business climate. Ability refers to a businesses propensity to adapt quickly to market changes; to implement both internal and external changes; respond to the needs of customers in a quick and efficient way; and also to continue working to gain an advantage in their field in a number of ways. TechQuarters, a business that provides IT support services in London, takes the principle of business agility very seriously; they were lucky to be able to adapt quickly to COVID-19 early on, by getting rid of their offices and going fully remote, which they have maintained ever since.

Adopt Agile Business Management

One of the most important ways of becoming more agile as a business is by adhering to business management methodologies that are agile. A company must promote agile teamwork – the goal of a team or project should always be aligned and well-understood and the way in which they work must be highly flexible, enabling teams to adapt in the midst of work at any point. To enable agile teamwork, the business at large should implement agile business management. This can manifest in a number of ways, but usually, agile business management methodologies are software-based.

Adapt the Organizational Culture

Becoming an agile business is a significant undertaking that involves a top-to-bottom restructuring of the organizational culture. Whenever a business undertakes something like this, they need to have the right mindset – the whole organization must adopt this mindset.

One of the key aspects of developing an agile organization culture is trust. To start with, leaders should be able to trust their teams to work efficiently and get their jobs done. Equally, employees must trust each other to work well and collaborate in a dynamic way.

Encourage All Levels of the Business

An agile organizational culture will not succeed unless everyone in the business is on the same page, which is why a company should accompany people on all levels of a business to start thinking and working in a more agile manner.

The C-suite is particularly important in terms of converting to the new agile culture – the CEO and all executive-level managers within an organization will be major evangelizes for agility; they will be the ones who most effectively spread the ideals and attitudes throughout the company.

Equip Users with Tools, Solutions & Knowledge

Business agility is most closely associated with the integration of software and other digital solutions on all levels like It is important for a company to equip their employees with a range of carefully selected digital tools and solutions that will ensure they are working and communicating in a flexible and efficient way – for these are the keys to employee work agility.

What is more, there should also be a range of organization-wide solutions implemented. Much of the time, business agility is achieved through digital transformation – the modernization of a company’s IT infrastructure, the automation of business processes, and much more. Transforming the company’s infrastructure can ensure all users are immersed in agile technology.

Knowledge is also very important for an agile business. There is no stopping point for business agility, owing to the fact that technology, markets, and the world are in a constant state of change. A business must be constantly learning, educating itself, and looking to the future to stay agile.

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