In the 21st century, thanks to the advancement in science and technology, we have a number of options to express ourselves. If you are a user of a smartphone then you must have come across many different applications. There is a huge possibility that you already have an account on Facebook. Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. Among these applications, social media platforms stand out with their interactive features such as on Bitmoji, where you can change Bitmoji gender. You may also have an account on Bitmoji. It is one amazing application that comes with a lot of different styles such as Bitmoji Classic and Bitmoji Deluxe to make sure that you make your favorite digital avatar.

However, it may be possible that you did create an account on Bitmoji but you set your gender to the opposite one. And now you want to change it, but the problem is that you don’t know how to do that. Don’t worry if that is the case. This blog is all about it.

Learn How to Change Bitmoji Gender

Before we dive into how you can change your gender on Bitmoji, let’s talk a little bit about the history of the application. This application allows users to take a selfie from within the application and then recreate it. With the help of this, you can create a Bitmoji that would almost seem like your real-life one. This popular platform was bought by Snapchat 3 years ago for 64 million dollars. Bitmoji was actually part of an acquisition of Bitstrips by Snapchat. The features and the integration with the top few apps thanks to the purchase by Snapchat make things a lot easier these days. This innovation in technology is already indicated by an influencer under a Write for us Tech page, where people added their thoughts.

The application allows a lot of unique customization options and engages users with interactive features. they can change their Bitmoji generally to express themselves in a fine way. However, it may be that you were unable to select your correct gender when logging into the app for the first time. There is no need to worry. you can change your gender very easily by following the instructions below.

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How to Change Gender?

If you have mistakenly chosen an incorrect gender for your Bitmoji then to change Bitmoji gender all you have to do is log in to the app on your Android or iPhone device. Then enter your Snapchat email id and type in your password. Once you do that, you will need to click on the dropdown menu. This menu is present on the top right side of the screen. Tap on it and enter the settings here. You will need to locate “my account” and tap on it. All you have to do next is click on the reset avatar option.

The application will ask you if you are sure to do this. Select yes and then you will be presented with a gender selection screen. Here you will be creating a new avatar from scratch. Keep that in mind but there is no need to worry because it is very easy to keep your avatar similar to what it was before. You can definitely create the same avatar that you created before with just the gender difference. It is up to you if you are looking forward to create an entirely new Bitmoji by just changing the gender or not.


If you want to change Bitmoji gender then once you select the gender, you can change every other aspect of the avatar. It’s very simplified and you can use unique colors in style, earrings, and other accessories. You can also customize the shirt, trouser, jacket, shoes, and holiday-themed outfits that are available by the courtesy of the development of the application. The good news is that the customizations will never decrease. Instead, developers keep on adding new features to the application. Thanks to Snapchat, the application is really the best in the market if you are looking to create digital avatars.

With the help of above guidelines, you can easily change the gender of your digital avatar on Bitmoji. Enjoy the feature and customizations. Have fun while you make your ideal avatar.

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