There is no denial in the fact that the advent of the internet has given us many benefits. In the modern era, we have become so dependent on the internet that we can’t even imagine living a single day without it. It doesn’t matter whether you are a student, professional, or running a business, you must be using the internet in one way or another and this is why all the credit to the modern-day development of the human race and industries goes only to the advent of the internet or we can say the arrival of the digital era. But do you really think that the modern-day internet is free of any type of issue and if you think yes then you will need to rethink again?

Data Security

In the modern era, the internet might have given us many gifts and made us more productive and advanced but at the same time, it has created a new platform of opportunities for criminally minded people. If you look at the digital trend then you will find out that every hour, in some corner of the world, data security is being compromised in one way or another and this is one of the most serious issues that modern-day people have to deal with.

Well, there is no denial in the fact that the modern era has to deal with such problems but at the same time, you will have to accept the fact that for every problem there is a solution and in this case, cloud computing will be acting as a solution for you. In the modern era, cloud computing solutions like hosted QuickBooks are acting as a big relief for most of the people and firms out there.

But the best role that cloud computing solutions like QuickBooks hosting is playing in the modern era is acting as your first line of defense for data security and this is what we will be focusing on in this blog post.

The power of authentication

If you are thinking that the authentication of your user id and password is enough to keep you safe then you are surely under a wrong conception. In the modern era, the one thing that you will have to keep in mind is the criminals out there are using many different types of tactics in order to steal your data and this is why you will have to keep yourself safe from every angle, even authentication. Well, this is where cloud computing solutions like QuickBooks on the cloud will come to your rescue.

When you will start using different types of cloud computing solutions like cloud hosting then you will get the power of double factor authentication and with this power, you will always be able to add another security layer to your login process. You will be able to enter the application. During this, you will have to enter an OTP that will be sent to your registered mobile number, and only after that. You will be able to enter the application. This OTP will be valid for only a few seconds and then you will have to generate another OTP.

The power of encryption

Have you ever imagined what will happen to your firm if the data that is being used by your firm will land in the hands of the criminals out there? Well, one thing is for sure and that is, it will turn out to be the worst disaster for your firm. The data that you are dealing with on a daily basis is what matters most to the firm and this is why you will have to be really serious about its security. Well, you should know that you will have the power of encryption through cloud computing solutions that will keep you safe from each and every attempt of online criminals to steal your data.

Encryption is a process in which the data that you will be sent to a person will be encrypted or we can say that it will get coded into another format. It will remain in the same coded format until the authorized person with the right key decodes it. You can be used the cloud platform as this is one of the best security layers. You must be getting messages like a complete encryption facility on messaging services like Whatsapp and this is the same thing that we are talking about here. So, even when your data will land in the wrong hands, it will be of no use to them since the data will be in a completely encrypted format.

The power of antivirus, anti-malware, and firewall

If you are thinking that encryption and authentication are enough to keep your data secure on the digital platform then you haven’t looked at the long list of tactics used by modern-day online criminals in order to hack your data. An online criminal is equipped with many tactics and if needed, he will choose all of them in order to get the best results. There are maximum chances that the online criminal will infect your computer with a virus or any type of malware and then corrupt your data or take control of your system. Well, if this will happen to you then there are maximum chances that your entire firm will crumble down.

But you can stay away from such a gigantic type of disaster for your business by simply switching to cloud computing solutions like cloud hosting. When you will be using the cloud hosting solution then it will come equipped with updated and powerful antivirus, anti-malware and firewall protection systems. All these will keep your data completely safe and all the attempts of online criminals for taking control of your data will be put down.

If you are looking for the best data security solution then you will need to go with cloud computing solutions like cloud hosting without any second thought as this will solve all your data security issues.