phone repair risk

With the advancement in smartphones, manufacturers have started to make devices less and less repairable. However, the need for repairing smartphones still exists and It cannot be avoided. Manufacturers however have added many hurdles for the repairs and the people who buy them such as LCD displays bonded to glass or paint that can chip away when opening a device. All of this is because people can get new phones and not get them repaired. This is where the devices are becoming more and more difficult to repair.

Because the devices being more difficult to repair there are risks of cosmetic damage. Although the techs are very skilled at their jobs, when it comes to some cell phone repairs the cosmetic damage becomes inevitable.

New devices are vulnerable:

Tech experts are very skilled at their jobs but sometimes they have to open up the device which can lead to damage that can be serious. Although this damage is very uncommon it is possible to happen on some of the latest devices that have been introduced in the marketplace. It can either be in the form of paint being peeled from the smartphone or any device getting damaged by the weight of anything.

Although this is a case-by-case situation, the people bringing these smartphones to the repairmen should be aware of the risks when they bring the smartphones.

Visit authorized repair centers or buy new phones:

If your smartphone will get ruined or you’ll face any cosmetic damage, you will not be able to get it recovered. In order to solve this issue one thing, you have to do is be wary of the technicians who are not good at adding it or you have not read any reviews about them. You should always visit an authorized repair center if you want to get your smartphone repaired. Otherwise, you should just be prepared to buy a new phone instead of ruining your old one and spending money again and again on it. Some new sites have created a new page name “Write for us Tech” for the influencers and phone traders to add products or to review products.

Old phones are better than new phones

Keeping all these points and the risks of cosmetic damage in mind one can think that old phones are better than new phones. These advanced smartphones that have amazing features in them can turn out to be a boon when it comes to such delicate things as compared to the old smartphones. The old ones are not so difficult to deal with And they can be fixed easily without having to worry about the delicate cosmetic damage that comes with these new phones.

Keep your smartphones safe

In order to avoid this cosmetic damage what one should do is, to keep the smartphones safe and not. Let them fall or be damaged in such a way that they become difficult to deal with.

Explained below are some of the things that you should do in order to keep your smartphones safe.

  • You should always keep your phone inside a phone cover.
  • The screen of the smartphone should be protected with a screen protector. Even if you drop your smartphone accidentally, the screen protector will keep your screen safe and intact.
  • Avoid holding it in your hand and keep it inside a bag or a pocket.
  • Shouldn’t let the phone get overheated or extra cold which can disturb the temperature of the smartphone.
  • Avoid leaving its plug on when it gets charged completely.
  • You shouldn’t leave your smartphone near the devices that emit rays.


These are all the steps that you can follow if you have to avoid the cosmetic damage that can happen during the repair. If you follow all of these steps completed, your phone will never get damaged in such a way that the repair will have to be, by opening the device. Even if you will have to take your smartphone to our repairer, you must be sure that the repairer is an expert in what he does. Otherwise, you should not take your smartphone to a local repair standard but always to an authorized one.

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