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In this ever-evolving world, documents are needed almost every day for various purposes ranging from your personal to professional life. Creating PDF isn’t a big deal these days. Various documents require to be converted to PDF as it is more professional and gives a good layout to the document.

People who use iPhones and iPads use Safari for browsing. With the updates in iOS 11, there have been various technological advancements. For Example, Safari automatically blocks trackers for you. Not only this, but some new Safari features will boost your work productivity as well.

It is no big deal now to create a PDF from a webpage. You can mark it up and even send it to someone. It is as easy as that.

explained below are some of the ways to create a PDF from the Web page.

How to do it?

In an iPhone and iPad, you can create both the PDF of a webpage and create a PDF of any document inside your phone.

  1. First, you have to open any web page in Safari or decide which document you want to convert into PDF.
  2. Now just tap on the Share button to bring up the Share Sheet.
  3. Just swipe to the end of the sheet from the bottom row. Here you’ll see a new option called Create PDF. That is exactly what you are looking for.
  4. By tapping on the Create PDF option, you will see that a new panel will slide up, containing the web page as the PDF. This page will also display the number of pages on the top-left corner.
  5. when you’re completed, tap on Done.
  6. Now you’ll see that you’ll get a new Save File to option. This is a new feature of iOS 11. You can pick any source like iCloud Drive, find a folder or create a new folder and tap on Add to save the PDF to the designated folder. This will get your PDF saved in your desired folder.
  7. You can also convert any of your desired documents into PDF, that is already saved in your device.
  8. For that, you have to choose the document and after opening the Create PDF webpage just tap on the convert option and choose what file you want to convert.
  9. By this, you will get your desired document in the form of a PDF.

This feature has proved out to be very helpful as it can convert any of your important documents, curriculum vitae, etc. into PDF instantly.

Here are some of the steps that explain how you can share the PDF you created on your webpage/ or created of any document.

How to Share the PDF

  1. If you want to share the PDF you created, tap on the Share button when you’re viewing the PDF preview.
  2. Based on the apps you have installed, there will appear several options here. For instance, you can attach the PDF to an email, WhatsApp it or add it to Dropbox.
  3. The best and the easiest way to save the PDF is by using iOS 11’s new feature ‘Save to Files’. This option will let you save the PDF directly from any folder to a linked source in the Files app. This can be iCloud Drive, Dropbox or even the Files app’s local storage.

Head over to the nearest computer repair shop to fix any issues you are having.

How to Markup PDF

You can also mark up the PDF you have created. Right next to the Share button, you’ll find the Markup button which is denoted by the marker icon.

After you tap on it you’ll get to iOS 11’s Markup feature. From this screen, by using this feature you can doodle over the PDF, add text, and any annotations you want.

Once you’re done annotating, adding text, etc you can tap on Done and you’ll get back to the Preview screen. From this screen, after marking up your PDF you will be able to save or share the annotated PDF.

In summary:

All of these are some remarkable simple ways to create a PDF on an iPhone or iPad. This way you can easily get your hand on PDF for any of your desired documents from your devices.

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