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This is an important point to address since a lot of firms not just expect Microsoft to protect the entirety of their data in the M365 service, but also think Microsoft must do so in the first place. In reality, the division between the responsibilities of Microsoft 365 and the end user’s responsibilities is quite clear and concise.

Generally speaking, the main responsibility of Microsoft in the context of your cloud data is to provide constant uptime with high availability. 

Microsoft takes up the role of a data processor when it comes to your data – which includes industry compliance certifications, regulatory controls, data management and privacy, and so on. Their security responsibilities are purely physical – including app-level security, logical security, and many controls for traditional employees and administrators. With all the threats to Microsoft 365 data, third-party Azure Data Backup Services provide flexible data protection.

That being said, this is as far as Office 365 backup Solution responsibilities go – accessing and controlling business data, ensuring data retention, and backup capabilities, protecting data from both external and internal threats, mitigating risks, and so on.

Reasons to have a Dedicated Backup System for Office 365 Data

Surprisingly enough, not having third-party Office 365 Backup Services for your data gives rise to a lot of issues of different caliber, from security concerns to deployment conflicts. The biggest potential reasons to have an Office 365 backup solution are listed below:

  • Internal and External Security Threats: While the problem of external security issues still exists to this day in the form of various ransomware, malware, and so on – the issue of internal threats is also important to keep in mind. Internal threats are the ones that start from the inside, be it from a disgruntled employee, some sort of accidental leak or deletion, or simple permission mismanagement.
  • Legal and/or Compliance-related Problems: Legal action is something that everyone strives to avoid, but when it does happen, can bring significant problems and expenses for the company in question. Even a need as simple as the retrieval of specific files that were previously deleted is much easier to resolve when you have enterprise-grade third-party Office 365 Backup Solutions with versioning support ready and at hand.
  • Retention: While Microsoft does offer its 90-day data storage policy, that is typically still not enough to adequately cover all of an organization’s data retention-related needs – such as compliance needs, data exporting, and other, more demanding, or sophisticated tasks. Granted, this is a situation that varies heavily, depending on the field of work and responsibilities of the organization, but it is still significant enough to be a problem for a lot of firms.
  • Hybrid Deployment: Surprisingly enough, Office 365 adoption is also one of the topics on this list. The adoption of a cloud system requires some sort of transitional period, which is needed for the company to transfer its data from offline storage to a cloud one. Some firms even leave a part of their data on-side for added flexibility, and the only way to operate such a system properly is to have a dedicated office 365 backup solution that treats all of the data equally.


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