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Do you know about Doodle for google? This is an international competition held every year by Google to create and unique Doodle for Google’s homepage for any special occasion. This is the best opportunity for every artist to show up their creativity to the whole world. You would be excited to be part of this. All you need to do is to show inner strength through art. Doodle for Google is the right platform to give a boost up to your creativity. Let’s look at how it is offering recognition to all the artists of the globe.

Purpose of Taking part in a Contest

If you are an artist, you need to know how important this contest is to boost your skills. We live in a world where everyone knows about Google, and it’s essential to tell the people through your talent and get the exciting rewards. Such contests appreciate talent and motivate others to showcase their talent. It’s also a great chance for parents who have artist kids and want to show their talent. Do you know more than 100 kids every year win exciting prizes and scholarships? Don’t forget to motivate your kid to show up the inner strength to show up to the whole world.

Why it is a Dream of Every Artist?

Art has no language, and it helps to portray your thoughts to people by telling the most wanted stories through art. Doodle for Google gives a chance to the artist to draw whatever they feel, which is difficult to explain verbally. Artists from different schools, backgrounds and cultures use their creative approach, which is happening under one roof by the famous popular search engine. You would get celebrity fame by using talent, and millions of people will see what inner thoughts you have.

What is the procedure for judging the Doodle for google entries?

There are three categories for judging, and one of these skills is artistic Merit, creativity purpose, and theme communication. These are the finalized criteria that are being set to judge artistic skill.

Prizes for Doodle for Google Winners

Contestants in the competition are classified into five following groups for the prizes:

  • Grade K-3
  • Grade 4-5
  • Grade 6-7
  • Grade 8-9
  • Grade 10-12

State-based Winners

Ten or more winners are selected from the top 54 states and other territories. These artistic creations are displayed over the Doodle for google website.

National finalist

Total 5 finalists are selected from each group. There are total 54 finalists selected from a national voting system that decides the five nationalists. Everyone is awarded $5,000 and Google Hardware.

National winner

Do you know the national winner is featured on A panel of google executives select the winner. The finalist winner would receive the $30,000 scholarship amount as a prize.

How To Encourage Children For Creativity?

When it comes to high-end competition, every parent needs to encourage their kid to show up creativity. Here is the question pop up in every parent’s mind on encouraging the children for creativity.

  • Start sharing massive artistic styles with kids because art is an expression, and some people use the art for only a good cause. Make your kids familiar with certain styles of art and accept your art style.
  • Make sure art supplies available to your kid add up very quickly. You can shop all the art supplies from secondhand stores to encourage the art with various art supplies and styles.
  • Always appreciate your kid on whatever he draws because it boosts morale and starts believing in talent and expression.
  • You don’t need to be an artist but grow your child’s interest and for this, bring art books and show up the video tutorials online. It would build up the interest in them, and they start taking an interest in artwork.
  • Parents shouldn’t discourage what their children want to do, especially when it comes to art, because this may give pleasure to them and explore their interests. They would come to know what is good and what is not. Somehow they would start accepting what should be pursued and what should not. 


We mentioned these few things to make all the artists familiar with Doodle for google, especially kids. Never discourage your children because this is imperative to motivate them; otherwise, they won’t get the courage to do something extra in life.


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