Expected Innovations in Laptops 2021

Like smartphones and tablets, more and more cool laptops are hitting store shelves around the world. Indeed, we saw a wide range of dazzling laptops back in 2020 and it’s most likely that this year is going to be the same with innovative machines.

We got our hands on a Zephyrus G14 laptop that performs exceptionally well in gaming with a long-lasting laptop battery. The MacBook Air with M1 chip is also an impressive piece of technology, holding a significant position in the world of laptops. What’s next?

Here we have listed some expected innovations one should expect in laptops somewhere in 2021. Most of them are educated guesses – therefore, you take the details with a pinch of salt.

Mini LED Screens

The Mini LED display is already available inside Apple iPad Pro 12.9 2021 and sooner or later, this will be shifted to the upcoming laptops. Thus, the laptops in 2021 wouldn’t only be powerful – but also promise dazzling and marvelous screens. Laptops with Mini LED technology will ensure the best contrast as well as deeper blacks that will be far better than the current LCD displays.

Well, it’s important to note that Mini LED screen laptops will not come cheap. And only premium customers would be able to get their hands on one.

Upgraded GPUs

Similar to 2020, this 2021 year would definitely be a fantastic year for all gaming laptops. Different companies such as Nvidia and AMD are both working hard to launch mobile GPU variants into laptops. This will undoubtedly open doors for 4K with supremely high frame rates but again at a higher price tag for premium customers.

Don’t be disappointed as both Nvidia and AMD have confirmed that they will launch affordable laptop GPUs for budget-conscious buyers to enjoy as perfect graphics as possible.

Arm-based Laptops

Arm-based laptop technology has long been around – but it was one of the very first years in 2020 that it became important on laptops. As we have already seen, one of the biggest technology brands, “Apple”, has already switched to such technology. And we too have seen the same technology from other giants such as Samsung and Lenovo who are currently doing experiments on it. Unfortunately, there were many technical problems with bad compatibility with Windows 10. Though Microsoft has promised to fix these issues in Windows 10X.

Web Browsing with 5G Connectivity

So many smartphones are now available in the market with 5G technology and the chances are in 2021. The upcoming laptops will support cellular networks and users will be able to enjoy web browsing with 5G connectivity on the go. However, the bigger issue is that this mind-boggling innovation obviously needs a lot more juice and, therefore, it’s safe to expect a powerful laptop or notebook battery to keep you connected for plentiful hours conveniently.

Moreover, for individuals who want to travel or work from home, this may be a very handy feature that says goodbye to unreliable public Wi-Fi networks.

Dual-Screen Technology

Smartphones with dual-display are now live and we are all set to see dual-screen laptops before 2021 ends. Microsoft already teased “Surface Neo” back in 2019, which is facing a delay. The major reason behind the delay is Windows 10X as the company’s first and foremost priority is to get the glitch-free Windows 10X on a single screen, then they will move to the dual-screen technology.

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