Increasing Laptop Battery

Normally a user looks for a replacement battery when he/she feels that a laptop’s battery drains faster than before. First of all, it’s important to remember that laptop batteries are not really annoying, but a replacement can leave a solid dent in your wallet. Rather than looking for battery replacement, here are 6 vital ways, which can help you prolong the battery life of your laptop with ease.

Avoid Removing or Inserting Battery Often

First and foremost, it’s quite important not to remove or insert your laptop battery too often, especially when it’s running. Based on what well-recognised and highly admirable sources have said, users should avoid removing or inserting batteries frequently, and it’s exceedingly suggested that you always shut down your laptop completely before you remove the battery – otherwise, it may lead to catastrophic damages.

Keep Your Laptop Cool as Much as Possible

While using a laptop, feeling the heat on your skin means you are about to have a serious problem (not really). It’s particularly true if your laptop shuts down over and over again, as sources reported. Be noted that making your laptop cool is quite difficult as compared to the desktop computer, but it’s feasible. You are going to need either a small vacuum to suck the dust and dirt or a laptop cooler. You can also avoid using it under direct sunlight to keep it cool.

Use Browsers Other than Google Chrome

An article on “Forbes” revealed that the Google Chrome web browser plays a vital role in reducing battery life. It’s because Google Chrome remains open most of the time, and hence, it eats up more energy, and your laptop shuts down sooner than later. Certainly, it’s bad news for so many of us because Google Chrome is considered to be the best and effective browser.

Don’t Prefer Higher Brightness

Turn down your laptop’s screen brightness when you don’t really need it. Be noted that screen is one of the major things that consume battery a lot. So, reducing the brightness by going through Power Options will definitely save some juice to perform other tasks. Power Settings vary – it depends on the brand you’re using a laptop of.

Always Prefer Using 20-80% Method

Based on what sources have confirmed, using a 20-80% method can significantly increase the chances of prolonging the battery life of your laptop. The results, however, will vary. Aren’t you familiar with the 20-80% method? The major principle is that you’ll always make sure your laptop’s battery never goes below 20% or rise above 80%. Well, it doesn’t entirely mean you stick with that rule completely, but if you do so, it’ll considerably leave a positive impact on the battery life.

Unplugged Immediately When Charged Fully

Although it’s a great idea to use the 80/20 method but if you don’t, then it’s a smart move not to leave your laptop plugged in when the battery is 100% charged. It’s good for the battery’s health to stay between 20-80%, and be sure to use a recommended AC Adapter to prevent any kind of damages. Indeed, there are chances that you’ll forget unplugging your laptop on different occasions, but you can reduce the chances by using smart sockets that don’t let your laptop be overly charged.

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