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Facebook Advertising is turning out to be increasingly more mind-boggling as a consistent stream of new promotion highlights needs to be dealt with. Regardless of whether it’s A/B Split Testing, Dynamic Ads, or LTV Custom Audiences, the measure of information expected to run a fruitful Facebook Ads battle (and remain in front of your opposition) appears to develop continuously. Presently like never before it is vital for advertisers to have the option to contact Facebook customer support help group when they need a little help. 

Regardless of whether it’s an issue with promotion conveyance, charging refreshes, pixel issues, or endless other everyday things, Facebook’s help channels can assist you with settling issues rapidly and productively, sparing your time, assets, increase in likes and in excess of a couple of cerebral pains. In spite of the fact that it appears getting backing ought to be simple, it’s an inquiry we get constantly: “How would I connect with Facebook?” Many advertisers we converse with are astounded that there is an approach to ‘converse with’ Facebook by any stretch of the imagination. 

So we set up together this bit by bit control enumerating how to contact Facebook phone number Bookmark it and keep it helpful in light of the fact that there will come a day that you need it – and quick.

What to do if your Facebook ad is disapproved

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Your first step is to ensure that you are within Facebook’s advertising policies. Facebook has very specific policies around language in advertisements and some of the big reasons I see ads are for violating these policies:

  1. Your ad cannot make any reference to a person’s appearance, physical characteristics, race, gender, medical condition, or other qualities. If they are you Do you always feel tyred in the morning?
  2. Before and after pictures are not allowed, as well as pictures that indicate weight loss such as tapes measuring around a Midas.
  3. Ads with too much text in the image this replaces and take someone next. Even though Facebook lifted the 20% maximum text rule on images, they are still actively stopping ads that now have too much text.

Facebook has done a much better job of outlining its policies here: www.facebook.com/policies/ads 

But if you find that your ad has been disapproved accidentally, you can navigate the ad level of the campaign.

Your ad has been pending for more than 24 hours

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Advertisements are usually being processed faster than that time – usually within the hour but sometimes they are “stuck” because they may have been flagged for manual review.

Ads must be reviewed within 24 hours, but sometimes are longer. Often a glitch can occur and re-creating the ad helps but not always.

Your initial step is to ensure that you are within Facebook’s advertising policies. Facebook’s ads have specific strategies around language and one of the integral reasons I think promotion is objectionable is for misusing these approaches:

  • Your ad cannot contain any reference to a person’s appearance, physical qualities, race, gender, disease, or various characteristics. Many times they will oppose an advertisement in the event that it is “you” for example “Is it true that you are constantly feeling tired in the first part of the day?”
  • When pictures are not allowed only those pictures display a weight loss like a measuring tape around a waist.
  • Ads with lots of content in the picture. Despite the fact that Facebook raised the 20% most extreme content standard on pictures, they are still effectively blocking promotions that have a plethora of content at this point.

Facebook has improved employment of illustrating their strategies here: www.facebook.com/approaches/promotions 

In any case, on the off chance that you feel that your advertisement was objected unintentionally, you can explore the Ad Level of the battle 

Your Ad Has Been Pending Review for Over 24 Hours 

Commonly Ads are getting handled MUCH quicker than that of late – normally inside the hour yet at times, they get “stuck” in light of the fact that they may have been hailed for a manual survey. 

Promotions should be looked into inside 24 hours however now and then it’s more extended. Regularly there can be a glitch and reproducing the advertisement helps however not generally.

They break down into the following categories:

Policy & Account Security

  • My ad account was disabled
  • There’s unknown activity on my ad account
  • My ads were disapproved
  • My ads are pending review
  • Use text in my ad images
  • View page names allowed on Facebook
  • My page was hacked
  • Get a custom username

Billing & Payments

  • When I pay for ads
  • Change my spending limit
  • Change my billing threshold
  • My ad account was double-charged
  • View my payment history
  • Download an invoice
  • My ad payment failed
  • Manage my payment method
  • Manually pay for ads (monthly invoicing)

Business Pages

  • Create a custom username
  • Change my Page’s name
  • Request a grey badge for my Page
  • Merge two Pages
  • Manage roles for my Page
  • Add an Instagram account to my Page
  • Promote my Page
  • My boosted post is unavailable

Regardless of whether you don’t see your particular issue referenced above, pick the class nearest and Facebook support can, by and large, you the correct way. Obviously, in case you’re searching for all the more elevated level technique counsel, you can generally ask us legitimately. 

We trust this guide causes you to get your specialized Facebook Ads questions addressed rapidly. On the off chance that you’ve connected with Facebook previously and they’ve tackled your concern, we’d love to find out about it in the remarks underneath!

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