Google WiFi System

If you wish for your WiFi signals to provide seamless and reliable coverage throughout your house, then the Google WiFi system is your go-to service. The mesh-networked cylinders make it easy for every room in the house to get strong WiFi signals. This does not mean that you do not need an Internet service provider. I had subscribed to Spectrum Internet packages way back but surprisingly they have updated their technology.

Here are all the details about Google WiFi:

What is Google WiFi?

Getting into the details of it, Google WiFi refers to router devices that you place in your house for better wireless coverage. One of the two mesh-networked cylinders get placed close to your WiFi connection. While the other rests in an area that you refer to as a dead spot in your house. The main cylinder connects to your cable modem or DSL. The others get placed in areas where signals struggle to reach. These ‘other’ cylinders connect to the main cylinder to give you access to strong signals.

This means that you won’t just get strong signals in the room that the device is placed in. Instead, you will get them in every room that you wish to. More the rooms, the more the cylinders you will have to purchase to form a mesh network. So, get ready to say goodbye to your sluggish surfing experiences with Google WiFi.

What is so great about the Device?

Dead spots in a house are more common in large ones than small ones. Smaller houses might face a signal issue upstairs as well. Google WiFi aids you in eliminating all such issues with the minimum amount of fuss. Investing in 3 devices means an area of 4,500 square ft. getting strong WiFi signals. Easy and convenient setup is also among the pros of the device.

An Android or iOS app facilitates the installation of Google WiFi. The app is free so you do not have to worry about that. It configures all the network settings for you. In case you wish to change any settings, tweak the app to do so. For example, pausing WiFi coverage, and increasing the bandwidth for a certain device.

Testing the performance of the WiFi network is also an easy task. The smart-looking cylindrical devices are a bonus at the aesthetic front as well.

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Requirements for Using Google WiFi

Hardware that comes included in the Google WiFi box includes Ethernet cable and a power adapter. However, there are other things that YOU must-have for the device to function properly. These include:

  • Modem Remember that Google WiFi is not a modem. It is a router. The primary WiFi point needs a connection with the modem with the Ethernet cable that comes with the device.
  • Broadband connection
  • Google Account
  • The most recent version of the Google WiFi app

Steps to Set-Up Google WiFi

It is quite easy to set up the Google WiFi system. You do not need to ask anyone for help. Steps to follow while self-installing the system include:

Finding a Spot for Your Google WiFi point

You need to connect this point to a modem. There might be a little limitation based on the length of the power cables and Ethernet. Thus, limiting the places that you can choose as your primary WiFi point. Try to choose a point that makes it easy for the device to easily connect to others placed in various rooms. For example a shelf or a TV stand.

Plugging In Primary WiFi Point

Plug your Google WiFi device into a power socket. When the light on the device flashes blue, you should know that it is working.

Downloading Google WiFi App

Both Android and iOS users can download the app free. Open the app, review all the terms and conditions, tap ‘get started’ and sign in to your Google account.

Finding and Connecting a Google WiFi Point

Open the app and follow the instructions to finish setting up. Scanning the QR code will automatically find the WiFi point. Point the camera of your phone at the QR code that you see at the bottom of the device. This will automatically connect your device to the app.

Choosing Your WiFi Point’s Location

Selecting the point’s location on the app is essential. The label makes it convenient for you to identify the point later as well.

Setting Up WiFi

Create a unique name for your WiFi network when the app asks. Tapping ‘Next’ will take you to the password-setting step. Think of a strong password, enter it and hit ‘Create’. In case you wish to use the cloud services, select ‘Yes, I’m in’.

Setting up Google WiFi is as simple as that. You should look for blazing fast Internet options as well. Look for reliable internet availability or others in your area. Because investing in an expensive device will be of no use if the Internet connection is not strong enough, to begin with.

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