Android phone secrets

Android phones have become one of the most popular alternatives to Apple’s iPhone and a direct rival to their IOS. Android has become one of the most widely and easily accessible Mobile-OS to the customers and to buy and use.

With tons of features and a customizable system, Android phones hold a lot of secrets. Yes, your android phones have a few hidden tricks and secrets that you are not aware of.

Let us look at 10 hidden tricks that you should try on your android phone at least once. Since android has been in the market for almost a decade or more, we will be limiting our findings to Android 11, which is the latest version available now.

Screen Recording

With the new Android 11, one of the best-hidden tricks you get is the ability to record your screen without the use of any third-party Application. Those of you who have started using third-party applications for this might not even be aware of the setting being present in your phone.

This setting is hidden in the quick settings menu, which you get by swiping down from the top of your screen. You will get the screen recorder option.

Notification History 

This is a nifty hidden feature that is hidden in plain sight. Most of us get into the habit of dismissing useless notifications on our android. But the truth is that we sometimes regret doing that. Who knows what important notification we missed.

You can access this neat hidden feature by going to apps and notifications in the main settings menu. From there, navigate to ‘notifications’ and then to ‘notification history.’ The notification history allows you to track the notification you received.

Conversation Bubbles 

The conversation bubble allows users to keep their conversations on the main screen.  This is a feature that people who use messenger must be familiar with. This is again a quality of life trick that will allow you to multitask.

The way to find it is to go into ‘App and notifications,’ navigate to ‘notifications,’ and then go ahead and tap on ‘bubbles. 

Priority Control 

The new android allows you to prioritize your notifications specific to each chat. Simply tap on the settings in the notification of a conversation to show you three options. Within these options, you can prioritize individual chats and even put them on silent. 

Imagine losing your chat with your escape room group, and you might miss out on going to the escape room and having fun. Avoid this by prioritizing your chats.

Improved Media Player 

One of the best features has been the media player, which sits at the top of the notification shade and allows for a much smarter control. From liking and disliking a song to forwarding, skipping, and pausing your media.

This is a nifty thing that will allow you to change your tunes without even unlocking your phone or opening any application.

Picture In Picture 

Picture in picture is a cool hidden feature of the android phone. Imagine you are watching YouTube, using G-maps or some other app, you are fearful of going back to your home page since the application will close.

The easy way to avoid this is to simply swipe up from the bottom of your screen and then drag it up or sideways to allow the picture in the picture to take effect.

Dark Mode 

The dark mode is a feature that was needed a lot. But it has been hidden in your phone. Dark mode essentially provides much-needed relief to your eyes by making your phone dark. You can simply schedule your phone to automatically go into dark mode.

Developer Mode 

Before we start, a disclaimer, if you don’t know what you are doing, you could seriously cause some issues with your phone if you tweak without knowing what to do.

To access developer mode, simply go to setting, tap on about phone, tap on software info and then tap seven times on build number to access developer mode.

This gives you full access to some developer features, which are great for doing minor tweaks. One good tweak you can do is to stop screen transitions to allow a faster and seamless switching between apps.

Voice Control 

Voice control is not a hidden trick for people who are differently-abled. It is an accessibility feature that allows users to use their phones without touching them. For the rest of us, if you are feeling lazy, you can now just command google assistant to do something for you. 

It is seamless, improved, and a much better system than the previous voice assistants. 

Permission Manager 

Permission manager is a much-needed feature on phones. But it is again hidden behind settings. All you need to do is go to settings, select Privacy, and then permission manager. This trick allows you to give specified apps only certain permission.


Android has been a staple for the industry for over a decade. Since its inception, android manufacturers have included a ton of hidden features and tricks in their phones. Most of them are truly hidden and require special knowledge to access, while the rest just require knowledge of where to access.

Hopefully, you will find and use these 10 hidden tricks in your android phone.

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