Medicine blister packing

Blister packaging is the type of packing that helps small tablets into a thin sheet of plastic. Everyone gets sick from time to time. There is almost no one who has not seen a leaf of nicely packed tablets. Blister packing techniques have been used for medicine preservation for years. Over the years more medicine companies have adopted this method. In the old days, tablets have to be sealed inside a thick glass bottle. This was not a great method of storing or selling medicine.

There were lots of problems attached to that type of packing method. However, with the passage of time, the packing industry evolved into better versions. These great techniques of medicine storing become part of the culture and people completely forget about the old thick and chunky glass bottles. Other than a few types of medicine, almost all types of tablets are packed inside a blister leaf.


Interesting facts about Medicine Blister Packing

There was a time in history when specialization was not understood or practiced. Tablets, concoctions, and syrups were brewed by doctors in person. Not until the start of the industrial revolution do people start to think about producing medicine on a mass level. The earliest medical factories were set up to facilitate soldiers in the war. After the war came to an end, the demand of this medicine was still available. That is how the industrialization of medicine came into being. However, it took some time before people learned better methods for storing and selling medicine. In the old days, most tablets were sold inside a think small glass bottle. Here are some of its disadvantages:

1. Friction:

Medicine that was placed inside the glass bottle had friction. Due to this friction, the tablets would turn into dust over time. It is obvious that if certain objects are placed inside a glass bottle they start to turn into dust and litter. The same thing started to happen to tablets. Even capsule would bore a hole and their contents would start to spill out. The more residues were made, the more friction was created inside the medicine bottle. Due to this people who paid the full price for their products were left with incomplete units. Because of this issue, the medicine was also not shipped to faraway locations. By the time, these bottles would reach a remote area; almost 50% of them would have turned into dust.

2. Breaking:

Handling glass bottle presents a high risk of slipping and crashing. In a busy hospital, where these bottles were in use in bulk, there were several incidents where exhausted nursing staff and the doctors would have an accident. Therefore, the hospital floor would turn into a shard trap. Any patient or medical staff walking on one missed glass shard could seriously injure themselves.

3. Quality control:

Medicine remains intact for longer when it is not exposed to air and other weather elements. Take any tablet for example and read its labels. The physicians warn people that if these tablets are exposed to outside stimuli it could lose their natural properties. However, keeping air out of glass bottles is virtually and literally impossible. The best thing to do is to tighten the lid properly and keep the bottle away from direct sun exposure. However, most people do not follow the instruction. Therefore, the number of people who were using drained out tablets was increasing with glass bottle packing.

The Advantages of Blister Leaves

1. No Breaking:

Blister leaves are made from plastic materials. They do not break easily. An infirm patient can slip these leaflets as many times as they want. These leaves are easy to handle and very lightweight as well. The risk of hidden shards of glass is averted for good due to the leaflet technology. People can simply buy their medicine and keep it in their drawers and side tables. In reality, this is a very big achievement that is often undermined.

2. Mobility and Better Storage:

Storing these leaflets of blistered tablets is a lot easier than the big and clumpy glass bottle. Since these leaflets do not have a lot of weight a person can simply buy them and keep them inside their pockets. It is also much easier to carry these leaves around. The general medicine for headaches and flu can be stored inside the dress pocket or purse for easy mobility. It does not require a lot of storage space to move from one place to another. Even if a leaf is slipped from hand, not only it remains in one piece but it also keeps the tablet away from the danger of breaking.

3. Preservation:

Blisters leaves are a great method of preserving the quality of medicine for a long time. Most tablets start to lose their effects when they are exposed to sunlight and air. Inside a blister packet, there is no chance of air getting in from the outside. The little amount of air that is inside is pasteurized and does not harm the medicine. On the other hand, due to its sleek design, medicine can easily be stored away from sunlight. The reflective sealant on the back also plays an important role by reflecting away the sun rays from the tablets.


Here are some great disadvantages to the older methods of medical storage. Some of the brilliant advantages of blister leaves are also discussed in detail. It is obvious that without the innovation of this latest technology the medical industry would not be able to send these products to faraway places. It is not wrong to say that the easy and convenient method of blister packaging has helped medical industrialization. People of today have access to a safer, better, and longer-lasting medical facility than ever before. Due to the technology of blister medicines from one part of the world can be shipped to another part without the worry of loss of quality and quantity. It is rightly said that blister packaging is a great choice for medicine packaging.

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