how tech is transforming real estate industry
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Major US cities like New York or LA get a lot of the media spotlight when it comes to stories about real estate technology. However, cities like Austin, Texas, are seeing all kinds of growth in tech sectors, and modern real estate technology is driving the transformation.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the changes to Austin in the past few years and how real estate technology has helped shape the industry overall.

Exploding Tech Growth

Austin’s explosion of growth in the past few years reflects the tech industry’s impact. Even compared to Tech darlings like Silicon Valley, Austin is a stand-out city, as the numbers attest.

Between the years 2010-2017, Austin’s population increased by almost a quarter, faster than any US urban region. Mega companies added significant jobs, such as Amazon (owner of Whole Foods), which added 1,400 tech jobs in 2019. Apple purchased real estate large enough to house 15,000 workers.

Facebook employs over 1,200, and Google also added significantly to its real estate footprint. It’s fitting that these big tech players making huge splashes in commercial real estate have caused corresponding growth in real estate technology.


The digital innovator Regan McGee built his real estate technology platform Nobul to let property buyers in Texas securely connect with the right agent soon and get curated listings from AI.

McGee described how nicely Nobul fits in with the real estate scene in Texas in an interview: “Texas is a perfect fit for Nobul and there couldn’t be a better time for our technology to finally be available there. Our marketplace is both revolutionary and evolutionary. Consumers have grown accustomed to online marketplaces, price and product comparison tools, professional and consumer reviews to make purchases.

Nobul is the next logical step in this evolution when it comes to real estate. With home sales on the rise, days on market continuing to fall, and more than 30 million people living in Texas alone, we couldn’t be prouder to provide our technology to the thriving Texas real estate market.”

Tell Nobul your budget and describe what you’re looking for, and agents will send messages vying for your business, offering incentives like cash back and extra services. Compare their profiles, then connect with the right agent for you.

Keeping Up with the Change

Like any city experiencing growth spurts, Austin’s infrastructure needs to keep up with the booming population. Austin has a famously liberal and eccentric art culture known for being “weird.”

Other cities envy Austin’s increased job growth, population boom, and expansion of commercial real estate. Hopefully, its historical character will persist alongside all the other positive changes. The wonderful music and food scene aren’t just real estate selling points; they’re things real people should enjoy and delve into! It’s fitting that tech giants moving in are increasingly using real estate technology to find the right realtors and properties. As the offline and digital worlds continue to change, they’re sure to keep impacting one another in Austin and beyond.

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