Safe on the Internet

Internet is without a doubt one of the greatest inventions of all time. It has single-handedly brought everyone closer and made the entire world more connected. People can easily reach out to others with the help of different tools no matter where they are located. Plus, not to forget how many job opportunities it has created for the people. Also, it has facilitated a lot in the growth of businesses. Although the internet has proved to be nothing less than a blessing for all, you have to ask yourself; how safe is it to be there?

Considering how cybercriminals are using sophisticated ways to steal data from innocent internet users and hackers attacking your systems with viruses and malware, the answer is not so much. However, there is nothing to worry about. There are some security measures that will significantly reduce your exposure to online threats. So, while you subscribe to a provider’s deal like Cox Bundles, you should pay heed to the following tips as well so you can stay safe online.

1. Enhance the Security of Your Network

It is never a good idea to use public Wi-Fi. It is because such a connection is unsecured. This means that a hacker will easily be able to access your system if you connect to a public network. Therefore, it is better that you avoid using it. However, if you absolutely have to use it for something urgent then you can consider enhancing the security of your network. And that can be done by installing a Virtual Private Network or VPN. It is software that will allow you to use the connection anonymously by using a random server of your choice. This way your identity will be concealed and all the private information in your system or device will become encrypted.

2. Create Complex Passwords

You may have heard it a thousand times before but yet people don’t pay much heed to this. But you don’t have to be like them. Everyone should realize just how important it is to create complex passwords for your accounts. The reason why it is so necessary is that hackers will not be able to crack the code to access your system. And thus, you will be saved from issues like data breaches. Also, it is strongly suggested to never use the same password for different accounts. If you think that you won’t be able to remember all the passwords then you can use a password manager that will not only help you store but will also assist you in creating strong passwords.

3. Use A Firewall

It doesn’t matter how secure your network is, you should still consider using a firewall. Why? Well, simply because it will block unauthorized access to your devices or computers. A firewall will ensure that all the devices that are connected to your network are safe. This will also include IoT tools such as webcams and smart thermostats.

4. Don’t Share Personal Information

The internet is not a very secure place to be. The online space is equally populated by cybercriminals and hackers who intend to do your harm. Therefore, it is necessary for you to limit when it comes to sharing your personal information. Just be cautious when you are using social media platforms as you may come across a stranger who impersonates to be someone that you know. And then the individual can ask you for your personal information which he/she can use according to their will.

5. Be Careful When Shopping Online

A lot of people prefer to shop online these days. And cybercriminals are aware of this which is why they mislead internet users by creating false websites so they may steal their credit/debit card information. Therefore, you should be really careful when shopping online. One thing that you can do is to check the URL. If the address is starting with “HTTPS” instead of “HTTP” and also have a padlock icon in the URL field, then this means that the website is secure and uses encryption to keep your data private. You can shop online from such a site.

6. Be Careful with What You Download

One of the common ways that cybercriminals use to attack you is by tricking you into downloading apps that carry malware. This makes it super easy for them to steal your data. Therefore, you should be careful with what you download. It is suggested not to download those apps that may seem suspicious to you. Also, downloading an app from a site that appears to be bogus is a big no!


The Internet sure has made lives easier for everyone, but one should keep in mind that the online space is lurking with cybercriminals. Such individuals only mean harm and will attack you to steal your valuable data. This is why it is necessary for you to keep the above-mentioned tips in mind so you may surf the web securely. Also, you should always keep your guard up and be cautious of what you share online. It will prevent you from falling prey to different malicious schemes.

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