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According to the data, 59% of teens have ever experienced online bullying. With online harassment rates going up daily, you need to stay informed as a parent to protect them.

You might ask, “How to track my son’s iPhone” to keep him safe from the dangers of the world? Today we answer that question.

Reasons to Track My Son’s iPhone

However, bullying is not the only thing that should worry you as a parent. There’s no telling when your child might be in danger. There are high chances of this happening if he doesn’t tell you where he is going.

And even when you know, sometimes, you might be worried about the company that he keeps. Children aren’t exactly the best judges of character.

You’re not the only parent thinking about it. That’s why many parents ask, “Is it possible to track my son’s iPhone?”

You’ll be glad to know that the answer is yes, and here’s how.

Easiest Ways to Find My Son’s iPhone Location

Today we’re bringing you a couple of ways that you can use if you’re also asking the question, “How to find my son’s iPhone?” You can do it with your own phone or computer and know where he is at all times.

We’ve carefully looked at various methods that you can use to find their iPhone. Some of those methods could result in a serious privacy breach. Others could get their phone locked, with jailbreak being the only option. That’s why we’ve only listed the ways that you can trust without any worries.

1. mSpy Tracking Feature

In the world of tracking apps, mSpy is at the forefront of how well it works. With it, you can track everything that goes on in your child’s phone.

The best part is they won’t even know that they’re being monitored, as the app doesn’t have an icon you can install spyware remotely. As children value their privacy, the invisible mode is every parent’s favorite feature.

And you can use the app on your iPhone or even an Android phone but before using this, you should do the screen recording as screen recording on iPhone 7, 8 or 9 is pretty much simple and easy.

If you want the answer to “How to track my son’s iPhone?” see how mSpy can help you:

  • Know their current location using GPS tracking (including their location history and even detailed coordinates).
  • Monitor incoming and outgoing calls and texts.
  • Look at private messages on social media apps.
  • Restrict inappropriate websites.
  • Keep tabs on everything they type.
  • Look at stored photos, videos, and apps.

2. Detectico: Track Him by a Phone Number

The whole process of “How can I track my son’s iPhone” can feel like too much of a hassle with apps for many parents. For them, we have another neat piece of tech that’s really easy to use.

This is called Detectico. It’s a web application that you can access directly from the browser. However, you will need to create an account first. Then, you just type in the phone number, and voilà! Within seconds you will have a real-time location of where your son’s phone is.

3. Tracking Locations With Apple Maps

If you don’t want to use any third-party help, you can use Apple Maps to track someone’s location as well. There are quite a few drawbacks to this. The main one is that the person you want to track has to authorize sharing his location. It’s also not the fastest or stealthiest way.

Final Thoughts

There’s no greater concern than a child’s safety. But invading a child’s privacy might lead to them developing social anxiety.

This is why to respect their privacy and keep track of their mobile activity, mSpy and Detectico come in handy. And since they’re really easy to use, we know parents will love them.

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