Intelligent Character Recognition

ICR is an expanded technology of OCR. Optical character recognition on thumb-printed alphabets whereas intelligent character recognition services enable various styles and fonts of handwriting to be studied by network software to enhance text recognition and precision. 

The ICR system captures writing from picture documents. It is an intelligent version of optical character recognition technology in which written letters are acquired. ICR is in the conversion phase as technology retains enhancement to give improved precision and recognition measures. The alteration and improvements in this component are consistent which includes opportunities with experience to create technology more secure. In particular, when associated with optical character recognition, we can assume that the consequences of intelligent character recognition still lack precision. The aim is that currently, open intelligent character recognition software is continually studying neural systems generated by AI. The further the information will be free, the greater the intelligent character recognition software would be ready to acquire and process the handwritten records. Any difference can occur in erroneous information analysis.

ICR can perform an array of modern writing styles and fonts by generating an artificial intelligence-based neural network design through which the software makes sure self-learning with every unique document style and font. It implies that whenever a distinct category of a document is studied by the model, the intelligent character recognition upgrades its database which eventually improves the system and predicts the writing efficiently with great precision. With each different data to the ANN design, the unique, as adequately as earlier information, is applied to analyze the writing, fonts, forms, etc.

What is Intelligent Word Recognition (IWR)?

IWR identifies and extracts copied and written information but therefore joins handwriting. Intelligent character recognition software identifies on an alphabetical level which includes complete sentences and terms. It has the ability to obtain unstructured data and is more comprehensive to intelligent character recognition. 

IWR, therefore, does not change optical character recognition and intelligent character recognition software as it is optimized and automated to process genuine documents that are not precisely written and have free form. The document in which it is difficult to identify the information fields can not be recognized with intelligent character recognition. Rather, to do the data entry tasks, intelligent word recognition technology automates it and identifies the data in a comprehensive manner. 

How does the ICR procedure operate?

Intelligent character recognition is done into a system that acquires the input of a written document. It scans the data from it and plucks the data from the records. Let’s take a closer look at the working of intelligent character recognition in the digital document authentication use case of monetary institutions. 

  1. The ICR system is in front of the webcam. Intelligent character recognition system will scan the document and extract the data from the identity document such as name, date of birth, and age. 
  2. The consumer could be acquired to transmit a virtually written consent as per the system infrastructure. The consent message will be examined and extracted. 
  3. The acquired data will be authenticated and data hence will be sent to the back-office.

The computerised data extraction procedure reduces the expenses of time-taking and inefficient data entry procedures by organizations. It utilises the expenses to hire staff for the job of information entry in the data fields. The extracted information can extensively be used in an automated information flow that can assist organizations to make sure predictive modelling over greater databases to ensure the software is more effective and optimized. 

Purpose of Intelligent Character Recognition Software 

This procedure includes three stages in which the document image was obtained and processed by the system, then the data was extracted using the intelligent character recognition algorithm and in the last stage, outcomes were processed to verify that output automatically. 

With time, this innovation proved to be a piece of cake for a variety of real-world business purposes. Now, modern organizations use intelligent character recognition services for automated form filling. Before intelligent character recognition, the recognition of unstructured information was a complicated procedure. ICR software is utilised by RPA worldwide. 

  • To reduce workplace operations, intelligent character recognition is done in the application of OMR
  • An intelligent character recognition system is done for acquiring the information in an automated environment.

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