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Yeah! 2023 is on its way, and you can’t roll out with the old and rusting post ideas on Instagram. Instagram is growing daily, and with the platform’s evolution, brands have to brainstorm their mind to attract the audience with compelling posts. If marketers create a great post, then no doubt brands will reach a higher position in a quick time. When you look at post genres since the platform’s inception, you might get a wow. Since the start, the platform has gone through varied dimensions and is setting an excellent standard in the online world. 

If you are a real enthusiast in creating new and fresh post ideas, then continue reading the article to understand better and get to know some of the evoking post ideas. Moreover, you can get instagram video views, which will fuel your fame quickly. On average, people spend almost 30 – 50 minutes on the Instagram platform. See how the app has merged with people’s day-to-day life. So, in this case, the marketers must create a vibrant post and provide it to the audience.

So let’s get started with the ideas! 

Why Are Posts More Critical on Instagram?

The answer is quite simple. As soon as you open the Instagram app, posts pop up first on the home page. Apart from reels and stories, Instagram posts have become more authentic and drive values on the platform. There are different varieties of posts are also available. Some share their everyday life, whereas others share some ideas, thoughts, and educational and informative content. When you check on the professional side, brands post their launches, important announcements, etc., through posts. Anyone can easily access Instagram posts, and it is user-friendly too. 

8 Instagram Post Ideas

1. The Real You

Brands or individuals should show off the persons behind the scenes. It automatically improves the credibility and transparency of the company. It is a good idea to show off the faces behind the brand. For example, share your daily life, passions, goals, and fun facts about you and your team. With this, you can get on with the new audiences to your profile. If you show the real you, then you may gain on your loyal and long-term customers quickly. Furthermore, brands may easily find their target audience. 

2. Host a Giveaway

The giveaway is nothing but providing some of the best gifts to the people who are winning the contest. You can ask a question about your brand, and the people who answer correctly and quickly can get a prize. Isn’t it an exciting way to drive more engagement? Yes, of course. Small companies can utilize this idea and shall have a significant online presence. Even brands can invite and tag friends, followers, etc., 

3. Build Branded Content

If you partner with brands or influencers, you can create a post mentioning them and rotate the eyeballs of the millions. Always branded content will gain more reach and audiences. First, post a single piece of content and test it. If the results are good, then you can go with the continuous posting with branded content. The branded content will be the same for all the posts. 

4. Share Memes

Memes are funny and entertaining content; many people like them and expect more. So brands can show the humanizing side through memes. Take a real-life incident and change the contents with your humorous dialogue. Then it is a hit! Memes are funny and as well as it has in-depth information too. These are the most trending contents that you can see on the Instagram platform. 

5. Respond to Questions

You can even post content with responses to the questions. It would derive more engagement to your profile. Get the best questions from your customers and answer those with positive comments. So keep in mind crafting your responses. If you are a brand that wants to increase your followers, try using Inzfy and advance your exposure online. 

6. Post a Save-The-Date

If you host a live streaming of live event on Instagram, you can share the save-the-date with your potential audience so that the audience will know and participate in the event. Even the audience can add the post to the saved one so that they would catch up on the events without slipping the time. If the posts are held on the platform, it will increase the chances of getting featured on the top page as the algorithm easily recognizes your video. 

7. Post a BTS

BTS is nothing but behind-the-scenes. If businesses share BTS, then it will be exciting, and it is trending nowadays. Companies shall introduce their teams and shall have brainstorm informative content, maybe can show your lunch hours, etc. These BTS should be conducted after taking consent from your employees. Apart from this, you can use Inzfy, which shall have a skyrocket in growth. 

8. Do a Countdown

Countdown always raises curiosity about the announcements. More than the formal announcement, the countdown additionally helps attract a large audience group and shall make your new brand or product line-ups more awareness among the people. You have to include words like one day left, a few hours left, etc. Many brands are following these strategies in today’s business world. So marketers have to pick a template and shall change the number daily. With the Instagram scheduler, it is possible to schedule the posts too. 


Here we have covered the central fail-proof Instagram post ideas that are useful and informative. Even brands can ask for the audience on the 30-days post ideas as a contest. You can get more worthwhile and exciting ideas to have a fabulous online presence and post frequently. Instagram post ideas are widespread, so everyday marketers must scroll through Instagram and check out the trending topics and recreate them in their style. If you find the article worth reading, you can leave your comment below! Thanks for reading! Utilize the ideas and happy Instagramming! 

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