Phone Trends

The world is heading towards the end of digitalization and the use of mobile phones is

increasing rapidly. They are becoming an indispensable part of the digital world and we cannot

imagine our lives without them. In the past few years, a huge investment in the mobile app

The development industry has been observed by many tech giants. Small businesses have also started to realize that it is a digital age and it is not possible to survive without smartphones. With the help of mobile apps, various businesses can flourish as well. The organization has started to realize that their brands can also get famous because of mobile phone apps that can deliver personalized content, boost customer engagement and increase sales.

One can imagine the popularity of mobile phone apps by the fact that there are 1.96 million apps in the App Store and 2.46 million apps available in the play store. However, there have been certain advancements in mobile phone repair technology and the tech world is certainly shaken. Mobile app development has also been greatly impacted by the advent of these technologies. Some of the examples are the Internet of Things, ChatBots, artificial intelligence, augmented and virtual reality etc. Let us discuss in detail how the coming years will look like for mobile app development.


Blockchain has certainly disrupted and reshaped mobile app development. It is something

that is used for enhancing security, tracking and quality controls. Various payment apps are

already using this technology for ensuring secure and fast transactions and it will become more

famous in the coming years as tech frauds will increase over the years.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Is also known as the Internet of Things is a vast network of interconnected digital, mechanical and

computing devices. These devices enabled the exchange and transfer of data and information.

With the help of IoT, one can control gadgets smartly by connecting them with mobile apps. The

the way forward will be the Internet of Things and soon there will be no buttons but only a smartphone

with which you will be able to control everything.

Augmented Virtual Reality (AR & VR)

After the air kit was released, it developed immense momentum. The demand for VR and air

applications are increasing every day in industries or demanding it. Be it retail, health care,

education or travel etc every industry is keen to use ARN VR. The mobile phone apps that

utilize these technologies have been able to create amazing experiences for mobile phone

users that helped in increasing business sales.

Artificial Intelligence and Chatbots

The mobile app development changed its entire face completely after artificial intelligence and

chatbots were introduced. Along with improving user engagement the integration of AI with

Mobile apps also save a lot of money for businesses. Chatbots have certainly changed the way

businesses used to interact with customers and it is a great technological revolution.

Low Code Development

With the advent of local development, the need for large amounts of manual coding was reduced.

Local platforms helped the business grow by scaling out applications. Google app builder, kiss

flow, Zoho creator gained a lot of popularity hence making the businesses grow efficiently.


These are some of the advanced technologies that have been entered the mobile app

development world. There is a possibility that the apps will soon start working on these

advanced technologies which will make everyone’s life easier.

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