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How you wake up in the morning is important in determining how the rest of your day is headed. Having the right morning routine is crucial for keeping yourself productive, happy, energetic, and positive throughout the day if you are a tech addict. A lot of people adopt a lot of negative morning routines and end up complaining about how bad their day, or their week, is going. They blame their bad days on a lot of things like their job, their work, their friend. But in fact, a few simple adjustments to how they wake up every morning can have a big impact on their mood and demeanor. For example, a lot of people start their day off by opening their mass text app on their phone and replying to any text they received. But that’s not how you should start your day- by replying to other people. Instead, you should consider, and put, yourself first. So if you find yourself struggling when you wake up, then here are 5 things you need to do every morning to have a good day.

#5- Take a Moment to Wake Up

Waking up isn’t as simple as opening your eyes. Even with your eyes are open, the rest of your body needs to catch up to the action of waking up. So allow yourself and your body a few minutes to wake up and for all the systems to go back online. Just sit at your bed and let your thoughts sort of wander. Try not to check your phone at this time. Just be one with yourself and sort of self-meditate for a short ten minutes, without any interruptions from the outside world.

#4- Get Up and Stretch

Now that you, your mind, and your body has processed that you’ve woken up, you can now begin to start your day. The first thing you should do when you get out of bed is to stretch. I cannot stress this enough. Stretching after waking up is crucial. If you don’t believe, just think back to the last time you were on a very long plane trip. Now think about how many times you got up to walk around in that plane, and stretch your legs. Going to bed at night and waking up in the morning is not that different. You’ve laid in the bed, for around 6 hours, if not more!  You owe it to your body and your muscles to get up and perform a light stretch at the tip of your bed every morning. Bend over and touch your toes, rotate your neck gently around in circles. Practice your breathing while doing so. Remember, you’re not running a marathon. You’re simply allowing your body to prepare itself for the day ahead.

#3- Drink Two Cups of Water


Before you do anything else after stretching, before brushing your teeth, drinking your coffee, or having breakfast, you want to drink two cups of water. It’s important to do this on an empty stomach. Sparking your organs and the inside of your body with a stream of warm water helps wake up your organs and replenishing them. You don’t want the first thing you have in the morning to be starchy food and coffee. Water is excellent for cleansing your inside and jolting them into work early on in the day. Water on an empty stomach also helps boost the metabolism and gets it working. Ideally, you want to drink plenty of water throughout the day, almost 4 liters worth. A great way to start is to have 2 cups when you wake up, and then 2-3 cups every 3 hours after that.

#2- Have a Good Breakfast

Once you’ve gotten up, stretched, drank water, brushed your teeth, and gotten dressed, you’re now ready to start your day. But one more thing before you head out the door, try to have a good breakfast beforehand. Skipping out on breakfast can have its disadvantages on your diet, and health. But it is also a good way to ruin your morning, and potentially the rest of your day. Why? Because who can function properly on an empty stomach! You’re going to be grumpy and mean. You might not be hungry in the morning, but somewhere in the middle of breakfast and lunch, your stomach is going to start growling, and you’re going to regret you skipped out on those scrambled eggs.

#1- Listen to Something Calm

Finally, on your way to work, or class, or wherever it is you are headed to in the morning, try to listen to something calm and soothing. You want to keep it light and mellow in the morning. Listen to your favorite podcast, or some calm reggae music, or some jazz. You have all day to be caught up in the ruckus of the road, and the city. So try to keep this 20-minute trip as calm as can be.

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