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Phone stealing is very common these days as this is a gadget that is used 24/7. People rely on it completely, and when you have the latest model with amazing features who would not want to take it away from you? Here are some important details that can help you to not get your phone stolen.

  • Download Find My iPhone or Find My Device on your smartphone.
  • Set a strong lock screen.
  • Avoid keeping your phone in your pocket.
  • If you keep your phone in your pocket, you should keep it closed with a safety pin.
  • Backup all your photos and videos.

Here are steps that you should take before your smartphone is gone:

Use a Strong Screen Lock

A lock is considered your first and strongest line of defence. You should not go for the easy 4-digit PIN and should always go for a strong password consisting of at least 8 characters that include some combination of letters, numbers, and special characters. This makes the password less recognizable especially those that could be associated with you. For instance, Fridakahlo123 is not a strong password, but FRidaKahlo123- could be much harder to crack. It will be tough for you to type a nontrivial password in the beginning but it gets much easier with practice.

The introduction of Touch ID fingerprint reader, built in the home button of iPhones, was specially designed to do away with this drudgery. It’s fast and unrecognizable. But it is recommended that with the touch ID you should still use a strong password. We were able to go from a sleeping screen to the desktop in about a second. Another feature was introduced in the smartphones, that it erases all the personal data from the phone if someone tries to enter the wrong passcode more than 10 times.

Use a ‘find my Phone’ App

GPS and network connections have always proved out to be very helpful when it comes to smartphones. The GPS that helps your phone find the best nearby restaurants and the fastest way home can help you find and protect that phone when it goes missing. To take advantage of this feature, you have to install a special free app that works together with a free service that you can use to locate or erase the data of the phone once it’s stolen or gone.

For the ‘find my phone’ app to be useful, the phone must be turned on and must have a cellular or Wi-Fi connection. GPS must be enabled in order to find the phone on a map, but to erase the phone’s contents, it isn’t required. Since the thief will turn off the phone as soon as he’ll take it away from you, so you should send it any commands you think are appropriate at that time before he takes out the sim card.

  • On an Android phone. To set up this app on a phone running Android 2.2 or later, first you have to find the Android Device Manager in Google Settings, which is with an icon on your desktop with the letter “g” and a gear-like symbol next to it. You can also use the phone’s search function to search for “Google Settings.” To track down a missing phone, you have to use a computer to access the Android Device Manager in the browser’s address bar.
  • On an iPhone. You just have to download and install Find My iPhone from the iTunes App Store, then sign in with your iTunes account. To track down a missing phone, you have to use a computer to access Find My iPhone.
  • On a Windows phone. Just find the Find My Phone app in the main settings menu. In order to track down a missing phone, you have to use a computer to go to Microsoft’s account sign-in screen.

Backup your Photos and Videos

Phone carriers, phone makers, and operating systems typically offer free backup for phone camera content, settings, and various other data. You can either do this first time when you are setting your phone or activate it later. It is always a good idea to back up the data so that if the phone gets stolen you can retrieve your precious memories, in your new smartphone with the help of google backup.


These are all the basic precautionary measures that one should take in order to avoid theft. If you do this, you’ll feel content and will not have to worry much about your smartphone’s security. Take these precautionary measures before it’s too late.

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