With the rising use of technology and Internet Wi-Fi networks are found almost everywhere. The government set up various public Wi-Fi networks to all-around their countries. Non-encrypted networks can cause damage to your devices and become the reason for leaked information. Encryption keeps the devices protected. Explain below are some Wi-Fi facts that Have to do with privacy invasion and tips to fight it on a public Wi-Fi network connection.

Open Networks

Open networks are not always a good idea. These are dangerous and putting yourself in such situations can get you into trouble. through open networks people or hackers can tunnel their way into your device’s data. What you can do is that you should politely ask the owner of that network if the connection is encrypted and secure. open networks are available at many places for example hotel rooms, libraries etc. but you should always be cautious about them.

Virtual Private Networks

If you have a program in your phone that can scramble all the information that goes in and out of your device then it can be very helpful. With the help of a virtual private network you can Encrypt your data if you are using public Wi-Fi and make it private so nobody can detect you. By doing this no hacker can get into your system. the VPNs you use are also allowed to bypass content restrictions that network administrators have imposed. Due to these reasons, it is suggested that you should always give a check on what is happening with your phone.

Secure SSL Encryptions

There are a million unencrypted websites that can harm your laptop or mobile’s health when you use a public Wi-Fi network and the reason for that may be malware or cheap web hosting. Sites that choose the secure & best hosting plans are rarely affected by it. In order to make sure if you are using a secure site or not you should always look for a green log on the address bar. This bar indicates whether the site is safe personal information on it or not. It is always suggested that you should never place personal data on the unsecured side as this can give hackers a way to your devices.

Personal Firewall

We understand that setting up a firewall on your computer can be very annoying and I’m taking but for the sake of your online travels it is very valuable. The firewall provides you with protection and warns about any malicious intrusions. If you have a third-party firewall, then it can be very beneficial for protecting your device but it is also a little harder to set up. well, guess you should do this for protecting your data.

Sharing Files

Before going into public, you always have to make sure that you have turned off network discovery and file sharing. Sometimes there can be accidental file sharing and it can cause leakage of private data. This step is taken so that you can avoid any accidents. In mobile phones, it is easy to turn it off but in windows, you should go into your control panel as there are a lot of options available.

Email Complexity

Whenever you are making a new account to send emails it is suggested to you by the system to keep a password that is strong. Setting up a password that is strong and a little complex can help you in the long run. As public Wi-Fi has access to your data which means email, accounts, pictures etc. so changing your password after being connected to a network that is unencrypted can be a wise thing and you should do this to avoid any mishaps.

Money Transfers

It is always suggested that you should never use PayPal bank and game wallets on websites. you never know if a website is secure or not and being on the network with so many other people can be risky. If you want to save your information Then this would be a smart thing to do until you get home and connect your device with a secure network.

Turn off Wi-Fi

When you are sitting in a public place and there is an availability of Wi-Fi you should always turn off the Wi-Fi feature when you are not using it. This is just a bonus as no one can have the access to your device if you are not connected to an un-encrypted network. you can also turn off your Bluetooth in order to avoid any accidental sharing.

All these features help you to keep your devices safe from public Wi-Fi networks. You should take these safety measures if you don’t want your personal information to get leaked.

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