PyroFlex Graphite Thermal Straps
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Spaceflight and terrestrial applications involve complex situations and require careful planning. With that being said, having the highest performance thermal straps on the market is a must. 

Revolutionary Pyroflex Graphite thermal straps provide all the qualities you need including superior flexibility, strength, durability, conductivity, and insulation properties.

In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at what makes PyroFlex thermal straps so unique – from their construction to their diverse applications across multiple industries. So let’s get started.

What Are Thermal Straps?

High performance thermal Straps offer a unique thermal management solution, delivering flexibility, vibration absorption, and damping far beyond what other passive or active cooling systems provide. Made with two terminals connected by a conductive material such as copper cable or foil, aluminum foil, and graphite sheets – high-performance thermal Straps are a fantastic alternative to heat pipes, vapor chambers, and all other forms of traditional temperature control solutions. This is due to their reliability while avoiding any potential risks associated with fluids or active cooling mechanisms.

PyroFlex Graphite

PyroFlex thermal straps can be used for spaceflight and terrestrial applications and come in custom and standard models. TAI’s X-Series PGS-based Thermal Strap Gallery features a sample of the spaceflight and terrestrial model thermal straps designed and manufactured by TAI.

Additionally, TAI offers copper thermal straps as part of their product line, which NASA, universities, and national labs worldwide have used. Graphite Fiber Thermal Straps (GFTS®) are also available from TAI as a widely-used carbon strap product in the aerospace industry.

Benefits Of PyroFlex Thermal Straps

High-performance thermal straps offer a range of advantages for various applications. Here are several benefits they offer:

  • Lightweight – PyroFlex thermal straps are 77% lighter than their copper counterparts and 28% lighter than aluminum, making them ideal for space systems and CubeSat applications.
  • High Conductivity – The specific thermal conductivity is higher than aluminum and copper, allowing for greater efficiency in heat transfer.
  • Flexible – PyroFlex Thermal Straps are more flexible than aluminum or copper foil straps, allowing them to fit into tight spaces easily.
  • Durable – PyroFlex Thermal Straps are designed to withstand extreme temperatures, vibrations, and other environmental conditions without breaking down or losing effectiveness over time.
  • Cost-Effective – Unlike other thermal strap materials such as copper or aluminum, PyroFlex Thermal Straps offer a cost-effective solution for cooling systems in space applications.
  • Easy Installation – These straps can be quickly installed with minimal effort due to their lightweight design and flexibility.
  • Low Maintenance – These thermal straps require little maintenance once installed due to their durable construction and reliable performance in extreme environments.
  • Versatile – Due to their high conductivity and flexibility features, these straps can be used in various applications, including cryocoolers, cryogenics, and structural simulations. 
  • Reliable Performance – With its high conductivity rating and durable construction, the PyroFlex Thermal Strap provides 3x – 4x performance of copper and graphite in extreme environments over long periods without needing frequent maintenance or replacement parts.

Thanks to their superior performance, TAI’s X-Series PyroFlex thermal straps are a great choice for many space systems and CubeSat applications. But don’t forget that each type of pyrolytic graphite sheet and graphene foil carries its unique set of pros & cons you should consider – which is why their engineering team is there. They will help you find the best strap solution for your program with high efficiency at an affordable price.

Benefits Of High-Performance Thermal Straps: Wrap Up

High performance thermal straps are essential in various industries, and choosing the right strap for your specific needs is crucial. High-performance thermal straps are designed to meet the challenges of extreme temperatures, both high and low. If you need a thermal strap that can withstand extreme conditions, then Pyroflex’s high-performance thermal straps are the right choice. Thanks for reading.

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