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Today, cross-platform app development is in vogue, as it offers a plethora of advantages that include reusability of code, quMobile application developmentick development time, cost efficiency, easy to implement, and lots more.

So, if you are planning to opt for cross-platform app development services, then the first thing that you need to do is to choose the right framework. You will come across the number of available frameworks while searching for the right one for your app development.

You need to make a selection of the right platform based on your project requirements, business needs, target audience, goals, etc. When it comes to React Native, it is considered to be the right option for you, no matter what type of app you are seeking to develop for your business.

Before we discuss here some common mistakes in React Native development, let’s explore here basics.

What is React Native?

Launched by Facebook, React Native is a Java-based framework that is available free to develop a mobile app. Developers leverage this framework to create a top-quality mobile application on iOS and Android platforms.

Developing React Naive applications is quite easy – one needs to follow only the documentation.

The most interesting thing about React Native application is that it is blessed with various pre-developed components, which not only minimize the efforts of development but also make the development process speedy.

Choosing React Native framework is indeed the right option for everyone who is looking for cost-efficient mobile app development solutions.

Mistakes of React Native App Development that should be Avoided

After going through the importance of React Native app development, let’s discuss here several common mistakes that arise when developing such apps.

Unplanned Project Structure

Mobile application development is something that is meant to be accomplished in a planned way. Improper planning tends to make the development work highly complex. As of result, the end product often fails to match the expectations of both developers and their clients.

An experienced React Native development agency often spends a lot of time for creating the right plan for managing and controlling the development work in the easiest way. It lets developers organize their files and folders easily and thus accomplish the development work within the specified time-frame.

Improper Estimation

Another important issue arises in React Native app development is the wrong estimation for developing a web app, forms, and layout.

An experienced React Native development company often avoids such mistakes and makes a correct estimation for layout for both iOS and Android platforms. They are also aware of the fact that there will be a large number of reusable components but also different kinds of layouts.

Such an agency also makes a correct estimation for the validation layout too well. Besides, they also check different types of endpoints, which are then provided by the backend.

Wrong Strategy for Redux Store

Redux Store is an important tool that is helpful in data storage and also plays a crucial role in managing and debugging a mobile application in a proper way. In the absence of proper planning to use the Redux Store, one may witness several issues.

To avoid such mistakes, you can hire a React Native developer who always makes a proper plan to use it in a proper way. Doing this helps them in using Redux Store as a robust tool that provides a complete data solution.

Improper Image Optimization

If images are not optimized with a proper plan, it makes your app slow and also less performing. A reputed React Native app development company is indeed aware of this fact and leaves no stone unturned and always makes a solid plan to optimize images.

React Native developers can resize the images based on the requirements and then they can upload the resized image on the cloud storage and can also get the CDN link, which can be returned with the use of API.

This method is quite helpful in increasing the loading speed of images and thus makes apps highly engaging.

Not Analyzing the Code of External Modules

It’s another common mistake that a large number of developers make to save their time, though they have to add such modules to their project. Reading external code makes things quick and easy.

A reputed React Native development company understands the importance of the reading code of external modules and they always do the same.


Above are some of the common mistakes that React Native app developers often come across. When you hire a React Native developer, you can talk to them about these mistakes and ask about their plan to tackle these.

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