Samsung s20 camera

Samsung’s new S20 phones are taking the experience of phones to whole new levels and there is so much talk about them in the market. Their new and incredible features are uncomparable and there is so much to discover for the users.

Let us take you on a journey to see what this amazing phone has for you and what are the Galaxy S20’s camera specs. Explained below are some special things you can do with it.

All the S20 phones that have been introduced in the market have a set of high-resolution cameras. S20 and s20+ have a 12-megapixel wide camera with an ultra-wide lens. With this amazing camera, they have a 64-megapixel telephoto lens.

Samsung is also redefining the selfie camera and so it comes with an amazing 10-megapixel selfie camera with which you can capture as many photos as you can with your friends.

These two phones are one of their kind but the Galaxy S20 Ultra takes things a step further. Although it has the 4-camera array as the standard S20 with its upgraded features, it is turning out to be a beast in the tech world. It has an upgraded lens of 108 megapixels straight from a 12 megapixels camera. You can also change the mode as it also has a 12-megapixel mode that can help you to save local storage.

8K videos

Such amazing cameras will take high-resistance photographs in any situation as you might expect. The cameras are also designed for shooting 8K videos. These 8K videos change the definition of the videos and shoot videos like you haven’t seen before.

5G connection

All Galaxy S20’s support 5G connections which means that you won’t get into any trouble when uploading your 8K videos. You can upload your 8K videos without any hindrance directly to youtube. It is also suggested by the Samsung users that you watch your 8K videos on LEDs to enjoy good videos.


The high-resolution photo and 8K videos that Samsung captures can take up a lot of storage on the phone but one doesn’t have to be worried about storage. It has 1.5TBs of storage when it is paired with a 1TB MicroSD card, it does wonder. On top of it, the phone’s 5G capabilities ensure fast cloud backups.

Superzoom feature

Samsung is truly proud of presenting groundbreaking technology in the form of ‘Space Zoom’. It’s a cool combination of AI-powered digital zoom and old-fashioned optical zoom. This amazing combination allows the user to zoom in on anything/object without serious quality loss.

In Galaxy S20 and S20 + one can zoom up to 30X, and in the S20 Ultra one can zoom up to 100X. When we compare, the Galaxy S10 could only zoom to up to 10X. This is a massive upgrade on part of Samsung which is supposed to change how people shoot photos and videos. Only think about how these higher zoom rates could boost videos of sporting events, concerts or a beach trip. Whether you go for a hike or a road trip, you can shoot amazing photos and videos.


The digital zoom can’t be said to be perfect as there is a change in picture quality but Samsung has tried its best to make it look as natural as it could.

With this insane super zoom feature, the new super steady Al stabilizes the pictures and videos up to every extent so that it can look as natural as it can.

It eliminates all the shaking effects and hence allows you to record videos and take photos while cycling, skating or doing anything you want.

Burst photography

The photography isn’t just limited to stabilized photos and video cameras but the Al is also an integral part of the single-take camera. New burst photography has been introduced with which you can take 10 seconds of content from each rear camera. It is a very amazing feature and the users are excited about experiencing it.

With the help of this feature, you can choose any kind of photo or video you want from the captured images and decide what you want, later. It will allow its users to capture every fast-paced memory and save them.

The users can also take pictures from the 8K videos. The quality of them is also good but single-take shots are the best with amazing quality.

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