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Everybody wants to buy a home, but the one thing you shouldn’t compromise on is your property’s protection. After all, it is a thrilling milestone for you and your family to buy a new house, and you need to keep it secure, and well-protected at all times. 

However, we frequently ignore the security requirements that our home has before we really move into our new home or in apartments for rent in seattle wa. We recognize that thinking about what security measures you should follow in your home is far less fascinating than furnishing and decorating your new place.

But when it comes to protecting your house, we are confident that none of you want to take any risks.

In this article, we’ve included some security advice that you may utilize to completely secure your location to make things easier for you.

Ensure the Doors Are Well-Secured

Securing the doors that lead to your home’s entrance from the front and the back is without a doubt the first thing you should pay attention to. Your home will always be safe from burglaries if you secure your front and back doors.

Basically, securing your doors implies that all of the door’s outer frames are solid, their hinges are in place, and their locks are secure. In addition, make sure that any doors with mail slots have them at an inappropriate height, preventing anyone from reaching inside.

There are several ways to secure your home, from adding a strike plate to installing a smart lock. Because the primary entry points into your home are frequently used for robberies, it is crucial that all of your doors be well-secured and safeguarded from such crimes.

Always Keep Your Windows Locked

Another popular entry option for burglars is through windows, particularly if your home has sliding windows. Your windows should at the very least be in proper functioning order, meaning that the latch should not be broken.

Let’s face it: broken window latches occur more frequently than we realize. Since robbers frequently pay great attention to doors and windows, this is undoubtedly not a defensive measure that effectively stops burglaries.

We strongly advise you to get any damaged or malfunctioning latches fixed at the earliest possible time. Additionally, you can buy window security films to cover all the windows and upgrade them with window bars. If glass breaking is ever attempted, the security film should prevent it from happening.

Keep Your House Lighted

Burglars frequently try to break into poorly lit spaces or even places that aren’t even illuminated at night. They simply do not want to be in the spotlight, which is why they act in this way. You should take this more seriously if your home is unlit outside, such as on your porch or in your backyard.

When the sun goes down, houses that are brilliantly lit seem to deter criminals from trying to break in. Since burglars like to operate in the dark, eliminating this advantage makes you less likely to be a convenient target.

It is essential to have lights that can be set on timers if you are going on a trip or will just be away from home for a while. Potential burglars may believe that someone is home as a result.

Additionally, solar-powered lighting and even motion detectors are options. Make sure you strategically set your lighting in a way that discourages criminals rather than enables them to conceal themselves.

Make Sure the Garage is Secured

Criminals and intruders are increasingly targeting garages for theft, and if there is an access point, they may even try to enter your home through the garage. In the unlikely event that burglars are unsuccessful in breaking into your home, they will try the garage because it is typical for there to be useful and valuable stuff there to rob.

This is precisely why it is crucial to make it a habit of locking all the doors that provide prospective intruders entrance to your garage. Keep these doors closed at all times, whether they are externally or internally placed, especially in regions where petty theft is common.

You can also think about installing a smart garage door inside your home. As they will not be able to access your garage. This will act as a deterrent to the burglar. Additionally, if your garage door has a smart lock, only you and your family should know the code.

Home Security System

When it comes to any new home, it is necessary to have as much protection as possible. In all honesty, it takes a good number of years that will make you a careful and proud homeowner.

With the constant advancement of technology, you can now install smart home security systems. Although there are many DIY smart home devices, getting a proper system allows you to stay more relaxed so if you have subscribed to any streaming services, you should also buy a home security system because safety is also important.

You can also have customized smart home security that is carefully vetted through a professional security company.

Final Thoughts

Well, there you go!

It is very much important for you to know how you can secure your new home. We have shared the five things you need to consider when securing your home. Moreover, the safety of your home is your responsibility, therefore we hope you will use the tips shared above.

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