smartphone screen safe

When smartphone companies design a phone, they design it in such a way that it can resist scratches and be intact. But being glass it is also susceptible to damage. Touchscreen smartphones can get broken or might get scratches on them. You have to take care of them and keep the android screen of your smartphones and tablets protected and away from any such mishap.

You won’t want to waste your money after buying an expensive phone, so here are some of the tips that can help you protect the screen of your smartphone safe.

Take care of the medium of touch

It is one of the most important points to keep in mind while using a smartphone. For using the screen of your smartphone, you must use the right medium. The manufacturers of mobile phone companies say that you should only use your finger or stylus. However, some devices do support touch pencils but one should try not to subject the screen of an android phone to any other media.

Avoid tapping again and again

There is a real misconception that exists in the tech world and that is continuous tapping when it doesn’t work. You have to keep that in your head that it is a very outdated thing and these gadgets do not work like that anymore. The devices are updated and they don’t function the old way. If your smartphone isn’t working properly or there is a screen related issue, consult a cell phone repair specialist as soon as possible.

Keep away from excess sunlight

Extreme weather is never good for a smart device. You should keep your android phone away from excess sunlight as it can not burn it right away but it can surely affect the performance of your phone. The sensitivity of the screen can be damaged by extreme sunlight so you should keep it away from extreme weather be it sunlight or rain.

Keep it away from electrically charged devices

Electrically charged devices were never considered good for smartphones. As the sudden flow of electricity can disrupt the performance of a phone. That is why it is always advised that you should not place your phone near such devices. A sudden flow of electrostatic charge can prove to be fatal for your smartphone’s screen.

Do not leave the phone idle

This is not considered a very useful tip but it is a tip anyway. It is advised that you should not leave the screen of your phone idle for a long time. Internal burn-ins occur inside the screen when the gadget is left idle. What you can do to avoid it is, set a lock screen timeout that can turn on the screen after some time. In this way, the phone does not stay idle for a long time.

Clean your phone screen

It is advised that you should clean your phone screen, once in a while. Smartphone screens are not good with soap solutions. You should always use a clean cloth to clean the screen gently. There are also custom-built smartphone solutions that are designed especially for cleaning the screen.

Screen protector

Almost everyone nowadays knows that screen protectors are really important for smartphone screens. The efficacy and necessity of screen protectors are known by everyone. When you buy a new phone you should always buy a new screen protector with it. There are a number of screen protectors available but the best ones are tempered glass protectors. They keep the screen safe and unaffected.

Phone covers

Phone covers are vital for smartphones. They are a basic necessity of a smartphone and keep it protected even if it falls. They provide superior protection to android screens and these covers are generally known as flip covers.


These are some of the important tips that should be taken into consideration if one has to take care of the screen of an android phone. It can get affected by various mishaps or accidents and that is why there are a number of important tips listed, to avoid any such circumstance.

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