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The digital market is slowly taking over the physical market, thus forcing us to make modifications in all aspects. For example, physical marketing (marketing personnel) is replaced with digital marketing (social media platforms), physical stores (shops) are replaced with digital stores (e-commerce stores), and lastly. Still not least, physical security (security guards) is being replaced with digital security (SSL/TLS certificates).

This blog will discuss digital securities like SSL/TLS certificates, their functionalities, and their importance in the digital era.

What is an SSL Certificate?

SSL/TLS (Secure Socket Layers/Transport Layer Security) certificates are digital security certificates that secure digital data. These certificates use encryption protocols for encrypting information to safeguard against cyber criminals. 

These certificates are pivotal in securing and authenticating the browser and server data exchanges. SSL/TLS certificates have been used recently, but the term “SSL” is more popular and commonly used for digital securities. 

Though the primary purpose of an SSL certificate is to ensure data privacy between the browser and the server, these digital securities also help secure email, VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), and other internet communications that take place on HTTP (hypertext transfer protocol) networks.

Types of SSL Certificates: 

Below are the types of SSL certificates, which include DV SSL, OV SSL, and EV SSL.

Domain Validation (DV) SSL

These certificates help secure your site’s root domain. They require a single-step verification process and hence are quick issuance. 

Organization Validation (OV) SSL

These certificates authenticate the organization’s legitimacy and authenticity and help build trust. Installation of this certificate signifies that the organization is legally registered and genuine. It displays the organization’s name when clicking on the tiny padlock in the URL.

Extended Validation (EV) SSL

These certificates give their customers the highest level of trust and confidence and ensure their data is secured from intruders. A rigorous vetting process, thorough verification by the Certificate Authority (CA), and display of the company’s name make these certificates more trustworthy.

What is Cyber Security?

Cyber security refers to the practices and strategies carried out in securing computers, networks, servers, mobile devices, applications, electronic systems, digital data, etc., from cyber threats (malware, botnets, trojans, spyware, etc.) and other malicious intruders. 

Research by IT Pro indicates that 80% of data breaches are caused lack of cyber security skills.

Cyber security is pivotal for all industries, i.e., the government sector, healthcare institutions, financial companies, e-commerce industries, and other small/large companies where sensitive data is stored or exchanged. Companies and individuals must adopt ample cyber security measures to prevent cyber threats and data breaches. 

SSL certificate is a cyber-security solution to prevent data breaches and ensure data privacy.

The Relevancy of an SSL Certificate in Cyber Security

Why SSL?

If you want your website to be secured from intruders, the installation of an SSL certificate is a must. Your site security is incomplete without this digital certificate. 

Installing an SSL certificate is a necessity and the ideal cyber security solution since the primary function of an SSL certificate is to secure the client-server communications exchanged on the internet. 

In a Nutshell:

  • Installation of an SSL certificate will help commence a secured communication channel between the two parties (browser-server) since the entire communication will be encrypted. 
  • The entire communication will be coded in simple terms, and only the intended recipient can decode the same with the correct key. Hence intruders can’t read or misuse the data. 
  • SSL certificates help secure sensitive data like bank account details, credit card numbers, customer sensitive information, vital health information, etc. and prevent it from being exposed to intruders.
  • SSL certificates help in increasing the SEO (search engine optimization) ranks by adding “S” to the unsecured HTTP protocol, thus making it HTTPS (hypertext transfer protocol secure). They also help ensure better site visibility to your customers. 
  • Identity verification and site authentication are done by the CA (Certificate Authority) before issuing SSL certificates. This helps in enhancing user trust and confidence.
  • These digital certificates show trust signs like a padlock and HTTPS apart from a secured site seal, which also helps increase visitor trust. 

SSL Certificate’s Functionality & SSL Handshake:

SSL Certificate’s Functionality:

An SSL certificate contains 2 keys, i.e., the private key and the public key. The key pairs function together to create an encrypted channel. 

The site owner creates a CSR (Certificate Signing Request) to obtain an SSL certificate. After the CSR is made, the key pair is generated on the server. 

This CSR is sent to the Certificate Authority(CA) along with the public key. The CA will verify the CSR request and other company details and create a data structure matching the private key. Later, the CA will issue an SSL certificate the site owner needs to install on their server.

Browsers trust reliable CAs and let their users know they are browsing a secured site. 

SSL Handshake:

An encrypted communication is commenced with an SSL handshake. Asymmetric encryption is used in the handshake process wherein two keys are used. 

The two parties establish a secured communication by exchanging the keys. A single session key will now be generated during the SSL handshake process and will be used for the encryption and decryption of data exchanged between the browser and the server. 

No unauthorized intruders can access/modify the data. 


Cyber threats and data breaches are constantly rising, so it’s pivotal to address these issues by implementing robust cybersecurity solutions. 

These solutions ensure the security of your networks and devices and the security of data stored inside these digital infrastructures. SSL digital security certificate is an essential cyber security solution that helps secure your entire digital web and this thing is emphasized on cyber security day. Since they come in various brands and types, select an appropriate one per your business requirement and install it to keep your site secure from hackers. 

One of the best SSL certificates come in the form of Wildcard SSL certificates which secure your root domain and multiple 1st level sub-domains. Multi-domain SSL certificates can help secure multiple domains and sub-domains with a single certificate if you are into various businesses.

So, what are you waiting for? Buy SSL certificates today and secure your digital world.

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