tech hiring through platforms
Source: recruiter

In a world that moves as quickly as today’s, innovation is the key to keeping up with the relentless competition. More and more businesses are on the hunt for tech talent who can bring a fresh perspective to ensure their companies stay relevant in the marketplace. Although finding top-notch candidates can be tricky and time-consuming, tech hiring platforms have emerged to make the process easier.

These platforms provide employers access to skilled job seekers who can help their business reach heights they never thought possible before. Companies that use these platforms gain a true competitive edge over their rival businesses regarding recruitment. The recruiting specialists on these platforms have the experience and resources to ensure that employers get a perfect candidate for the job. This blog post will explore case studies of successful tech hires made through these platforms and their impact on the companies they joined and you can find more details here below.  


Nederlia is a global tech talent sourcing company that has helped many companies find top tech talent worldwide. One of their success stories is with a company called  SteelCircle. SteelCircle was looking for a Java developer to join their team and needed someone with extensive experience in the field. Nederlia matched them with a highly skilled candidate who fits all of their requirements perfectly. The successful hire allowed SteelCircle to improve its development process, resulting in higher-quality products and improved customer satisfaction.


Built In is another platform that helps companies find top tech talent. They have many success stories, but one that stands out is Quick Solutions. Quick Solutions was looking for a senior software engineer to join their team and needed someone with expertise in building web applications. Built In provided them with an experienced candidate who met all of their expectations, resulting in higher efficiency and faster production times. This allowed Quick Solutions to stay ahead of the competition and remain relevant in the marketplace.


Companies looking for top tech talent have found success in HireVue’s all-inclusive digital recruitment and interviewing platform. One of the most notable stories is that of Airwave Solutions, who were on a mission to find an experienced senior software engineer with various application-building capabilities. Utilizing the power of HireVue, they achieved their goal in record time. Boasting access to experienced and perfectly suited candidates for all requirements improved both the speed and quality of development. This led to an influx of customer satisfaction as well as more business overall – what a success.


Hackajob has a lot of remarkable success stories, but one that stands out is its partnership with Woot. In search of an experienced software engineer to join their team and bring expertise in mobile development, they turned to Hackajob for assistance. With the coding challenges and assessments available on the platform, it was easy for them to find exactly what they were looking for.  By sourcing an expert through Hackajob, Woot was able to not only maximize efficiency and speed up their production times but also enabled them to stay ahead of the competition and remain a relevant name in the industry.


Talentful is another platform that helps companies find top tech talent through recruitment services such as sourcing, screening, interviewing, onboarding, etc. They have many success stories, but one that stands out is Hopin’s story. Hopin had ambitious growth plans but struggled to hire at scale while maintaining quality standards due to its rapid expansion across multiple countries during the Covid-19 pandemic period. Talentful worked closely with Hopin’s internal team as an extension of it by providing end-to-end recruitment services, including sourcing strategies tailored towards each location-specific need within 18 months. As a result of Talentful’s support, Hopin made 353 hires saving $6167127 in total cost per hire while maintaining high-quality standards throughout its global expansion journey.


In conclusion, finding top tech talent can be challenging, but partnering with the right hiring platform can make all the difference. These case studies demonstrate how successful hires made through these platforms can significantly impact companies’ productivity and revenue growth. If you’re looking for ways to attract top tech talent or streamline your recruitment process, consider partnering up with these platforms or similar ones mentioned above.