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A fascinating fact about touchscreen laptops is that these are not modern products as perceived to be. The touch screen has been around us since 1965. The feature has been reinvented in a variety of ways since the inception. The other type of laptop is a non-touchscreen laptop that requires users to employ a keyboard for navigation, command input and selecting elements. There is a touchpad provided in both touch and non-touchscreen laptops. Mostly, Apple’s touch screen laptops have a hidden touchpad that comes into play when the spacebar is pressed for long. 

Touch Screen Vs. Non-touch Screen Laptops

If you plan to buy a laptop and the concept of touch and the non-touchscreen puts you in a dilemma, here are some points explaining both types concisely.

  1. Touch screen laptops

Touch screen laptops have screens that are made in resistive and capacitive styles. Resistive style is an old-fashioned screen that leaves the user struggling with pressing it prolonged manner to enable navigation. The capacitive style is the advancement and has almost replaced the resistive style touchscreen entirely in the present markets. The capacitive screen creates an electric field on the finger’s slightest touch on the monitor and makes navigation smooth.

The best uses of touch screen laptops are:

  • Sharing and explaining ideas

Mostly, the laptops are bought, keeping the work requirements in mind. The users having a profile of designers or coders benefit a lot from the touch screen as they can share and explain their work more smoothly and in a very comprehensive manner.

  • Evading use of keyboard

The keyboards tend to wear down after prolonged use. It means these tend to wear down after some lakhs of keystrokes. Very few repairers take a guarantee of keyboard replacement work. Thus, the touch screen comes as an easy rescue to such people who have been failed by the keyboards. The usual navigation managed using the screen itself makes it possible to reduce the keyword use and elongate its life.

  • The touch screen makes designing easy

The expression of ideas through a finger touch becomes way easier than using mouse and drag-n-drop combination. Since the users of touch screen laptops can select the areas on the screen without struggling with the arrow placement or cursor movement, the work becomes faster for designers. They get to express their ideas more fluently.

The best features of a touch screen are that this monitor comes with high-quality picture features. Also, the multi-tasking is done much smoothly using a touch screen laptop. 

However, the touch screen feature is not covered under laptopinsurance. Once the feature has broken down, the only option is to forget it forever.

  1. Non-touch screen laptops

Non-touch screen laptops are the laptops that almost everybody has seen and used in their work. The users of laptops with a non-touchscreen feature use a keyboard and navigate the screen with a mouse or touchpad. 

Non-touch screen laptops are not as expensive as the touch screen counterparts. Some of the advantages of these laptops are:

  • Suitable for writers and coders

The non-touchscreen laptop offers a perfect device for the writers and coders. Since most of their work involves putting the letters and characters, the keyboard offers a handy option.

  • Relatively less expensive

Touch screen laptops cost more heavily than non-touchscreen counterparts. The makers boast these to be quite a sophisticated product. So, the more the sophistication, the higher the price.

  • Light-weight

Non-touch screen laptops weigh a little less than the touch screen counterparts. The users of non-touchscreen laptops find it easy to carry their laptops to work or study. 

Which type of laptop to consider

It depends entirely on the budget and work needs. The touch screen feature is not indispensable to the working of a laptop. It simplifies work but of select users. Thus, if you do not want to spend much on the laptop and have less explaining and designing involved in your work, a non-touchscreen laptop can be the right choice.

When choosing the laptop, make sure to read documents like Dell laptop warranty properly. It ensures that you have understood entirely the features of the laptop and the safe ways to use those.

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