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Technology has made our lives so much easier. There’s no second opinion about it. But life has picked up such a pace that is becoming very difficult to manage all in just a day. 

We have all, at one time or another, wished for the day to have more than 24 hours so that we can finish off some tasks. Whether it is about wondering about how to pay bill on time, or about picking up the laundry from the laundry store, I was always short of time. So how did I manage? I came across some amazing time management apps.

Here is a list of few amazing apps to help you organize. Have a look!


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This app can track the time that you spend doing some specific work. You can also manually add entries into it. It gives you the option to organize your entries using the team, project, or client tags. You can also add personalized notes to remind you of the event in case you forget.  

It is a team player too. You can invite your team to it and keep a track of everybody’s work time. You can check daily as to what task has taken up the most of your time. Paid users can also get in-app suggestions for better time management, based on the data stored. 

Why Choose Toggl?

You can keep a tab on your team’s time spending habits. And optimize it later to make their work-time more productive. You can review what task’s been taking up most of your time on a weekly, monthly, or even yearly basis. You can also sync this app with your other devices, so you can find your planned time management anywhere. 


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You can customize this app to suit your needs. It helps you save time spent on the complicated tasks you do every day. With this app, you can paste shortcuts on your mobile or desktop home screen to help you manage tasks with just one click/tap. You can also link it up with your favorite apps like Uber, Facebook, and YouTube. It can also perform tasks automatically, like find a map to your meeting-lunch location, or back up your gallery photos. It is free to install but just available for iOS devices. 

Why Choose Workflow?

It saves time by cutting out your time wasted while completing difficult work. It is quite easy to manage, simply drag and fix. It is compatible with most of the other apps like Evernote and Siri. 


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This one is a desktop tool to help you manage your work. It is specifically designed to handle multiple email accounts at a time. It is compatible to use with so many other apps like Calendly, Airbnb, and even Trello. You can switch from one account to another with one simple click. You don’t have to go through the hassle of logging in and logging out every time. If you have to handle multiple projects daily, this one is going to help you a great deal. 

Why Choose Shift?

It is a dependable app when it comes to handling your email inbox. That way you get ample time to focus on the project at hand, instead of logging off and on, again and again. It will also help you manage an organized team.


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Ever just opened Instagram and 5 minutes later it is two hours ago? If this statement is making any sense to you, we get you. This app is your rescuer. It helps you track the time you spend on different apps and websites. This can motivate you to cut time off a few apps and spend it on your work. This way, you can achieve your goals faster. Fun part? It can even play strict mama for you and block few sites for a certain time. 

Why Choose RescueTime?

It is not just keeping tracks, it sends you a reminder if you spend too much time on any website or some task. Based on your data, it can give you a recommendation on how to manage your day. Comes with daily reports and highlights. That way, you can do your work quicker and can be more organized. 


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This newly launched app helps you schedule a week’s work ahead of time. Also, you can keep a tab on your on-going projects, and see how much of your time are they consuming. You can estimate a week’s work time in advance, which can help you plan where you need to focus more. Later, you can make a comparison and fix the loopholes that delayed your work efficiency and productivity. 

Why Choose Timely?

It is a good app to keep a track of your team’s activities, and which projects require how much of your time. With the week’s planner feature, you are ahead of your time and have an advantage over others. 

Well, I hope this helps you. I have to rush as my time management app is telling me it is almost time to renew my Spectrum packages. Thank God for this app!

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