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Do you have a lot of pictures that capture the best times in your life? Why not make these into a music video to make them even more moving? Such movies are wonderful gifts for birthdays, wedding anniversaries, and other significant occasions. But how can you make a video with a collection of images and your favorite song? In this article, we’ll share with you tips on how to make videos from photos. Stay tuned! 

Tips on Creating a Captivating Video with Music

Interested in getting the most out of your photo movie? We’ve put together a few helpful pointers to make sure your video production is easy and interesting.

1. Slideshow Maker

The first and most important thing to start with is the selection of best slideshow maker. If you have no idea what program is worthy of your attention, look through the list of the best slideshow makers. Here, you’ll definitely find not only programs for professional use and the paid ones, but also discover best free slideshow makers. However, you may wonder why the software is so important. Well, we’d say that it can simplify the whole process as well as give you the opportunity to create your own music video with the help of diverse features. 

2. Keep it Short

It’s always a good idea to keep a music video brief, whether you’re doing it for yourself or for your friends to see. You should include 55–65 photographs in your photo movie, which shouldn’t last more than 4 minutes. Make sure each picture is shown for 3–4 seconds. It’s not necessary to combine all of your images into a single video.

3. Tell a Story

Consider your narrative before choosing the images and video for your project. What message would you like to convey? What atmosphere are you going to create? What will your story be about? How will it start? How about some unexpected plot twists? The audience will be utterly enthralled if everything is done correctly.

4. Pick Various Photos

Don’t just randomly insert images into your slideshow. The pictures won’t make much sense if they are all from various life stages. Maybe you want to use the images and convert videos from your recent vacation to make a music video. After that, give this time period’s photos priority over those from your past travels. This will keep the situation lively and unified.

5. Add Captions

An extensive text curtain will never be beneficial for a slideshow. Keep your captions brief, and record a voice comment if your story requires a lengthy introduction. You should avoid making amusing comments in a story about a romantic relationship because they should fit in with the overall tone. Keep one or two, but don’t indulge excessively. 

6. Pick the Right Track

To give your video ambiance, mood, and tone, you should select the music. You can use the royalty-free audio files from the editor’s audio library or select a track from your own playlist.

To vary the vibe of the video from romantic and touchy to hilarious or however you feel like it, you can employ one track for the whole thing or add various music. Someone who hasn’t done this previously could find it a little more difficult to apply multiple audio tracks to one movie. Nonetheless, it is unquestionably manageable, so feel free to try something new.

7. Use Effects with Caution

Many dynamic slide effects, flying objects, bizarre transitions, and other ornaments will distract from your story and message. Finding a nice medium and sticking with it will help your video look less static and more dynamic.

8. Be Humorous

Your slideshow will be more well-liked if it has humor. You can pick a humorous song, include meaningful photographs, or add text to one of your slides. If you keep the video light-hearted and avoid showing them too many photographs, your friend or another individual is more likely to watch the entire clip.

Final Words

As you can see, creating a music video out of your pictures and videos is an easy task that won’t take you long, especially if you choose the right software. It will help you review recent events or bring back old memories, record heartfelt birthday videos for your family members, or even deliver powerful corporate presentations. Now it’s time for practice!

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