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Are you tired of reading the same contemporary stories that have a decent storyline but don’t hit you as they should? Like when you read something and you can’t let go of the characters and don’t want the story to stop. Books that are well written have the quality of getting the reader emotionally attached to them. Some have good dialogues and some have good storylines, and some have good language, good storyline, and good dialogues all in one. 

Well, we’re not talking about those cliché romantic books cooked with the same recipe. We’re talking books that change your view of life. 

Wuthering Heights 

Critics say, Bronte didn’t create a character, she created a monster for us readers to relate to. We hate and love Heathcliff’s character and empathize with him at the same time. He’s harsh, wild, and lovable at the same time. The setting is beautiful, the language is faultless and the narrative is mind-blowing too. The book is just perfect and is Emily Bronte’s only novel. It seems like she invested a lot of time and thought in this one book only. It is twisted and each character fights his own battle. 

Well, sorry to say but no movie adaptation can do justice to the imaginary world that Bronte’s words take us to which is what makes this book worth reading and life-changing because once you read it, Heathcliff’s character never really leaves you. 

The Book Thief 

This novel is one of its kind. It is written by Markus Zusak and the narrator of the book is death itself. In the world war II era when Hitler was looking for Jews to kill, death would narrate how he met each of those whom he came to take away, and what went on in their minds while dying. The narrator tells the story of each character in a beautiful way, especially of Liesel. It tells how he came near Liesel many times. The narrative of this book is what makes it different and Liesel’s relationship with life and death itself makes it life-changing. 

The narrative of The Book Thief is of a kind, and unlike Wuthering heights, this book’s movie adaptation is beautiful. It is set up in Germany in the World War II era when a family adopts Liesel because her mother has to leave. Leisel is taught to read, write and steal books. Every actor has done justice to their character, especially the narrator itself. So, if you’re a screen person download the book on Kindle, or download the movie to watch. You just need a fast internet connection. We get our internet and TV connection bundle from Buy TV Internet Phone. It comes in a budget and they have providers that cater to people all over the US. 

Catcher in the Rye

This book is about Holden Caulfield a young teenage boy who runs away from his boarding school and believes that everyone is a phony. This book allows us to see the world from the eyes of an innocent boy who thinks his sister is a rockstar and is in love with Jane who never really appears in the book. What makes the book special are the small details about Holden’s character and the way he sees the world. His red hunting hat and the disappearance of the ducks are two important things in his life, which symbolize his alienation from the world, and the ducks symbolize Holden’s quest about how to survive in harsh situations. The book had been banned for a long time, and Salinger’s rebellious nature makes this book even more interesting. Fortunately, or unfortunately, there is no movie adaptation on this book, because the one time when somebody tried to make a movie on it, Salinger told him to leave his book alone in a very unfriendly way. 

What makes this book life-changing is the fact that Salinger’s own personality reflects in Holden’s character and our own too. Once we start reading this book, we find ourselves relating to Holden on more than one occasion. The dialogues and Holden’s feelings stay with us for a long time after we read the book. This book is more of a feeling than just some other book. 

Brave New World 

Aldous Huxley’s novel Brave New World is about a fictional society that is a perfect futuristic society. People are like robots, and kids are made artificially. Society is very advanced, and two of their members end up going to savage reservation camps, which is their dystopia. The story revolves around John the Savage from the reservation camp and Bernard Marx who is an Alpha but does not exactly belong in the Alphas. For John, the brave new world is a dystopia, and for the people, the savage reservation camps are a dystopia. The book is twisted and shows how alienated the characters feel in their perfect worlds.  

This book is life-changing because it opens our eyes to the robots we’re becoming. We’re gradually moving towards a technologically advanced world and the more we are moving towards it the more alienated we’re becoming. Even though we have everyone at our fingertips, we rarely talk to people about our feelings, which was not always the case. The book teaches us to keep our loved ones close. 

The Bell Jar

This is probably one of the best fictional autobiographies. Sylvia Plath discusses a lot about her own life through her character Esther Greenwood who spends months as a guest editor in New York and when she returns home, she finds herself unable to read, write, or sleep. She goes through shock treatments when she tries to commit suicide multiple times and is eventually admitted to a mental asylum. She goes through a lot until she comes out of her state of madness. 

What makes this book life-changing is the fact that it is Plath’s own life story, and how innocently she narrates her journey in and out of madness.

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