Sword Class Characters in Genshin impact
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In each game, a character who will show excellent performance in battle is important. One of the most reliable in battles are swordsmen. Here, in most cases, they can inflict huge damage on enemies. In addition, they have defensive skills that help reduce the damage dealt by opponents. If your team has at least one strong swordsman, then you can expect your team to become much stronger.  

However, it all depends on the specific character, because swordsmen are different. Some are absolute leaders in battles, while others are useful as well. The challenge is that it is not so easy to get a strong swordsman into the team. In Genshin Impact, you can get characters in a variety of ways. For example, you may need to replay some campaigns, complete additional missions, or get those characters that you can get for free during the game and if you want to play PC games on mobile then you must download some other game. We will tell you about those characters that you need in your team.  

Top Strong Sword Characters 

1. Jean 

This is not to say that this character is the absolute leader among all, but if you have her in your team, you can already enlist excellent support. In most cases, she is a great support character, but her damage output is also great. Her damage gets stronger when you use her as your main character. However, most experienced players do not make Jean a main character. They rely on her as someone who can heal the rest of the team. For brute force, experienced players try to use other characters. She rather acts as a mage who not only possesses healing skills but also perfectly wields a sword. You can improve her performance using the Genshin Impact Boost, with which you can increase the rank of any character you need to the desired level.

2. Traveler 

The most reliable choice is the main character, which you get as soon as you start playing. He is an excellent swordsman and you do not need to use tricks to get him on your team. The main advantage is that he is a versatile character as he can be any element you want. However, some elements can make the character even more powerful. The best element for this character would be the Dendro element. 

Despite his reliability, we cannot say that this is the ideal character that can deal the most devastating damage. Rather, this character can act as the right hand of the most powerful character. It will deal good additional damage, which will help you defeat enemies faster. 

3. Kazuha 

Having an Anemo element, this character has one of the best swords. Your team can become much stronger and more stable with this character. However, if you want to make your team even more powerful, then you should have characters with all the different elements in the team so that they don’t repeat themselves. 

In most cases, many players try to get the Freedom-Sworn for Kazuha. By its very nature, it is a good and rare weapon that is yet to be found. However, Kazuha can use other swords as well. If you are having difficulty finding this sword, then for a while you can use an alternative. The Iron Sting is a great alternative. 

4. Shinobu 

Compared to other characters, this character’s sword rating is somewhat lower than that of all the others. However, you should not jump to conclusions. Her uniqueness is that she is hardy and also tenacious. Many players often use her as a healer. Her main quality is that she can constantly protect one member of your team, keeping them healthy for fights. 

When looking for the best character using Electro, Shinobu will be the best choice. Together with other Geo characters, they can keep the team safe from damage. In addition, they will help other team members recover their health much faster.

5. Ayaka 

She wields an incredible sword that can deal significant damage with both normal attacks and critical attacks. This character has a variety of moves, but her main move is that she is lighter and better off the battlefield. You should be careful when using this move as it negatively impacts Ayaka’s stamina. 

Players are aiming to get the following swords for this character: 

  • Haran Geppaku Futsu; 
  • Mistsplitter. 

You can also improve this character’s stats by pairing her with a character with the Hydro element. 

6. Albedo 

Albedo’s incredible quality is his powerful damage output. However, you should also pay attention to the fact that this character shows simply incredible defensive skills. Also, his feature is his ability to stop the damage inflicted by enemies. 

The best sword you can use for this character is the Cinnabar Spindle. It helps to deal more damage to enemies. You can purchase this weapon, but you can also get it for free. To do this, you will need to complete Shadows Amidst Snowstorms

7. Xingqiu 

This is another character that may leave you confused as it has a lower rating. However, this should not scare you, because while he may not be the best main offensive character, he provides incredible support. He reduces damage, allowing another character to increase the attack. 

Your best bet is to choose the Sacrificial Sword for this character. Another great alternative is Mistsplitter Reforged. Of the two swords, the former is the better choice due to its fast energy recharge. 


You have a huge selection of swordsmen that you want to get into your team. You should think about which character would be perfect for your team, as other team members and their characters can help swordsmen enhance their strengths. 

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