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Nowadays, an Android phone is perhaps the most common gadget in everyone’s life. No matter whatever be the handset price, Android is the prevalent operating system in every cell phone. Paired with that comes your PC. You can couple your PC with your Android phone to play online games, attend webinars, and switch between devices to make your work smooth. 

But have you ever pondered that both of them are of no use unless you have a fast and secure Wifi connection? Wifi is the only link between your system and your daily online session. Therefore, to make sure your online activity runs smoothly using this article from RouterLogin, and here are six awesome Wifi tricks for your Android mobile and PC.

1. Install Wifi Analyzer To Boost The Signal Strength Of Your Android Phone

Modern days have Wifi enabled railway stations, airports, restaurants, hotels, and even bus stops. But one common problem while connecting to these public networks is slow. Since a large number of people are using the same signal at a similar time, you tend to face speed issues with the sign. 

So how do you boost the signal strength? Use the free application of Wifi Analyzer to find out the best place for high-speed internet with minimum traffic. The app scans Wifi signals and gives you an interpretation of the Wifi signals, thus allowing you to know the best place for maximum speed. 

2. Use Mobile Data And Wifi Simultaneously, But How?

Every one of us fancy downloading files within the blink of an eye. The more the downloading speed, the happier we are! To reach the utmost speed, have you ever tried using mobile data and Wifi simultaneously? 

Most of your answers will be yes, but both of them don’t work at the same time. Yes, it is true, but no need to worry! Just install free applications and enjoy unlimited high speed downloading on your mobile. But before you do so, remember that root access is necessary while availing the concurrent internet facility. Also, this may not be supported by many devices or ROM combinations. 

3. Convert Your PC Into A Hotspot Even If You Are Using A Broadband Connection

If you are using a broadband connection, wireless internet sharing is a significant problem. Then what to do if you want to share your internet on your Android phone? Connectify Hotspot is the most popular software for PC when it comes to sharing wired internet to your phone and tablet. 

Another benefit of this application is that you can also extend the Wifi range of your computer without using any router. So, download, fill in your name and password and press the ‘Start Hotspot’ button to get started.

4. Use Wifi And Not Pen Drive To Transfer Files Between PCs 

One of the simplest ways to transfer data from one PC to another is by using a pen drive. Besides, the Mini share is one of the most popular PC applications which enables one to transfer large files from one PC to another. 

This is most helpful when you don’t have any Wifi routers or cables. Mini share is lightweight and takes minimum time, unlike the pen drive, where transferring time is a significant concern. Another similar application having a premium version is Wifi File, which can be used to transfer files between an Android and PC without much hassle.

5. Use Your Android Phone To Know How Many Users Are Using Your Wifi Network

As mentioned earlier, today, most of the public places are facilitated with Wifi facilities. And if you want to know who is using the same Wifi network as yours, download the Fing app on your Android. This application not only identifies every Wifi user but also their IP with MAC (Media Access Control) address and device manufacturer. 

The free to use the app is one of the best network analyzers for Android phones through which you can identify your Wifi users. In case you find any distrustful device on the system, change your password immediately.

6. Use QR Codes To Access Wifi Without Knowing The Password

It often happens that you don’t want your guests to let them know your Wifi password. In such situations, try scanning a QR code. It is just like payment gateways where you scan the merchant’s QR code to make the payment. You can use the application of a QR code generator to let your guests access your Wifi without a password. 

Though the set up is a bit complicated, undoubtedly, it is the best solution for those who don’t want to reveal their Wifi passwords. 

This was just a small list of tricks and hacks for Android and PC that are going to make your life easier. These simple tricks will render you a user-friendly experience while ensuring a smooth PC and Android function.

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