Windows 10X

Windows 10X is a modern version of Windows 10. It was designed to provide a new and enhanced experience to the contemporary user who is well aware. Windows 10X is designed with state of the art technology and it provides a very user-adaptive experience. Everything has been designed and rebuilt with keeping modern-day needs into consideration.

A whole new user experience

By a whole new experience, it means that the user interface is specially developed with modern technology. Let us take an example if someone has a foldable PC the user might want to use it in different ways. For the user’s ease, the Windows 10X is specially designed with a user interface so that the user can experience it and use the device in any way he wants.

Advanced start menu

With the upgrade in the windows, Microsoft is striving hard for redesigning the start menu. With all its focus on productivity, Microsoft is striving to make things better day by day.and so it is dynamically updating all of its features. It also has a display of recently used documents from where you can directly reach for the most visited websites or most-used apps. 

One can also customize these lists of apps to adjust what a person wants to see in the search bar.

Windows 10X will most likely support the app folders in which one can keep multiple apps and place them in the start menu for ease.

A new taskbar

In this new Windows 10X, there is a new and adaptive taskbar that is specially designed to change itself according to the preference of the user. In the centre of the taskbar, there are going to be start button, pinned and running apps and it can be customized according to the will of the user. Users can choose to have or not have these icons on the taskbar. It all depends on what they want.

The taskbar is touch-centric and it can be minimized while running any app. One can swipe and get it back when accessing apps. Whenever a mouse or keyboard is connected with the system, the taskbar will show itself and not be minimized. In other cases, one can always minimize or swipe it.

Windows update

With all these revolutionary changes, Microsoft is also improving its Windows update in a way that it will be much faster on Windows 10X. The feature upgrades that used to take so long to get installed on Windows 10, they won’t take much time now in Windows 10. There won’t be any typical reboot and upgrading. Just like any other Android device, your computer will start as usual and it won’t take more than 15 minutes to complete the upgrade of the system. This should result in bootable updates that take less than 90 seconds. Other tests have shown that normally it takes less time than that. All of these changes are taking Windows to a new level. Normally it takes 5-20 minutes for a system to get updated, depending on the device.

Vibrant and dynamic wallpapers

It hasn’t been announced yet but windows 10X is more like;y to feature dynamic wallpapers. This is a very interesting and amazing feature. For example, Windows 10X will feature a mountain-view wallpaper that has morning, afternoon, evening, and night variants that will change according to your device’s actual time. Isn’t it amazing? The wallpaper will also have dynamic clouds that will appear every so often when the weather is cloudy or not (depending on the situation). Keep checking LaptopMD for all updates of Windows and Macs.

It isn’t confirmed yet if these dynamic wallpapers will be present on Windows 10X or not but there have been rumours in the market. But it will surely have mind-blowing customization options for the users. Wait till Microsoft launches Windows 10X and stuns every tech addict out there with its cool and vibrant features that have not been seen before.

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