DinoRank vs SE Ranking

Today we are going to confront two all-in-one SEO tools with incredible quality and price, on one side of the wheel there will be DinoRank and on the other SE Ranking. If you want to see who wins this competition, keep reading!

I previous article we have discussed SEO vs Social Media, but today we are going to deeply compare DinoRank and SE Ranking in terms of functions, unique features, prices and results. 

If you don’t know any of these tools, don’t worry, we’ll start with a short introduction to what each one is. 

What is DinoRank?

DinoRank is a low-cost SEO tool with a large number of features that will help you get the most out of your project and improve organic positioning. 

If you want to learn more about the DinoRank tool, check out this video:

What is SE Ranking?

SE Ranking is another of the most economical trademark registration in USA tools that offers a good variety of modules necessary to climb positions in search engines. 

If you want to know more about this tool, take a look at this SE Ranking review:

Functional Comparison of DinoRank and SE Ranking

1. Keyword Analysis

Within the SE Ranking tool, we can find keyword research. The interface in this module is similar to other tools and has a search engine where you enter the seed keyword and indicate the country where you are interested in finding the keywords. Once the search is done, the tool shows you information about a series of parameters such as search volume, CPC, level of competition, and difficulty in ranking. 

For its part, DinoRank has the “Keyword Research” function where you can also analyze and search for keywords for a project. The interface is also very simple. It shows a search engine where you can enter the seed keyword and you can also adjust the results by filtering by the country where you want to position and the language. DinoRank shows you a large number of derived keywords, the search volume for each one, the CPC and the competition for that keyword, and also includes a graph with the trends of the keywords to know their possible seasonality. 

2. Keyword Tracking

Both tools have the functionality of tracking or tracking the positions of a project’s keywords. 

Ranking allows you to track keyword positions on major search engines, as well as across all locations and devices. It allows you to track a certain number of keywords, depending on the contracted plan, and shows historical data about the position, indicating whether it has risen or fallen in the ranking. It also provides information on the traffic forecast, and indicates red warnings in the keywords themselves. 

In Din rank’s position tracking functionality, the keywords you want to track must be integrated, as well as whether we want to obtain the results for mobile devices or computers. Once you have entered the keywords that you want to track for a specific project, the tool gives you a lot of interesting information that can be filtered to save time when we are analyzing. 

Among the most relevant data that we can find in this section are a graph with the position history of the first 20 Google results for a specific keyword, the best position that each keyword has obtained since the beginning of the tool’s tracking, and the cannibalization symbol, which tells you when two URLs from that same project are positioning for the same keyword. 

3. SEO Site Audit

SE Ranking’s site audit functionality is one of the most comprehensive among inexpensive all-in-one SEO tools. It shows you information about errors within your page, data about crawling, indexing, headers, web speed, robots and much more. Furthermore, from the overview it shows you relevant data that other tools do not, such as the age of the domain or the pages indexed in the different search engines. 

A favorable point within this SE Ranking functionality is that it has a history with the data of the different analyzes carried out on a project to know the possible changes that may occur. 

As for DinoRank’s on-page SEO audit module, it also shows relevant data that will help you diagnose a specific website. You will be able to know the status of each URL, as well as those that do not have an H1, that are without meta tags, title, or even the URLs that have this duplicate information. It also provides information about non-indexed URLs, as well as which ones are slower and even cannibalization within the website. You can filter all this information to quickly access the URL with said problem. 

From the DinoRank backlinks module you can check if the links remain or are removed for any reason. The tool itself notifies you by email if a link is removed or lost. In order to use this functionality, you first enter the backlinks that point to your website and that you want to analyze in the tool. 

DinoRank shows you information about the number of follow and nofollow links, or the type of anchor text used, whether keyword or brand. It also exposes all the anchor text that has been used to link to you and the number of links that use each anchor. You will be able to see a list with all the URLs on your website that the external links point to, in addition to the number of external links that each URL that is linking to you has. All this information is shown both indicated in lists and in graphic format. Finally, it shows a table with the total list of links, where it tells you the URL from which it links, the URL it is linking to, the anchor text it uses, and whether it is dofollow or not. 

The tool updates this list every day and, if you lose the link on a website, DinoRank will notify you by email. 

Se ranking’s link monitoring functionality also shows you detailed information about your website’s links. It divides the information by categories, from data on backlinks, such as new and lost ones, the percentage of backlinks that link to the homepage with respect to the rest of the links on the domain, or whether they are dofollow or nofollow. At the end it shows a table that tells you the page from which it is linked, whether it is indexed or not (if you have it linked with GSC), the trust of the domain, the anchor text, the URL to which your website is directed, the type (dofollow/nofollow or text/image), if it has been shared on Facebook, the total number of links that have been found on the page, and the country to which it belongs. It also shows data about the different domains that link, the anchor text that is used or the IPS and Subnets. 

It should be noted that Se ranking has a functionality in the top bar that allows you to know some of the backlinks that a specific domain has without the need for them to belong to a registered project. 

Other Features of SE Ranking

Source: SERanking
1. Analytics and Traffic

Connecting Analytic data and Google Search Console allows you to see the data provided by these tools from the Se ranking interface and be able to make decisions without changing tools.

2 Social Media

From the tool itself it allows you to connect social network accounts such as Twitter and Facebook to monitor some group or page statistics, as well as automatically create and publish updates for the pages of said social networks.

3. Role Management

This tool allows you to include users in the project account and limit the features each user can access. This feature is very useful for working with teams or even clients.

4. White Brand

The ranking offers the possibility of changing the colors in which the different functions and results are displayed to add visual brand identity and improve the appearance of the reports. You can use both white labeling and role management to pass a URL to customers so they can see the data you give them access to with their brand’s visual identity. 

5. Competitors

SE Rankins includes a competitor’s module, where you can include some of your competitors and the tool will show you the keywords they have, the average position of said keywords, whether or not they have dropped in positions and the indexed pages.

6. Marketing Plan

This functionality is focused on those people who have their own project and do not have much idea of ​​the steps to take to improve their project. It gives you a series of basic instructions on what you have to do. You can also create and modify the tasks that appear in this marketing plan.

Other Features of DinoRank

Source: AppSumo
1. WDF DF and Prominence

This functionality provides you with information about the most relevant semantic terms that the top 10 results are using in their texts, as well as the frequency with which each of the terms is repeated, all for a specific keyword. 

To use this tool, you must first enter a keyword and the specific URL which you want to position for said keyword. Once analyzed, the tool gives you a result where you can see all the related semantic terms that are being included in the rest of the URLs that rank in the top 10 results, as well as whether you should decrease, increase or keep these terms within your URL. 

In addition, it also gives you information about the length of the text on the rest of the websites, the average of the exact kw or the prominence, both in your URL and in the average of the sites that position it.

A list of competing headers is displayed at the bottom, so you can see the header structure of the first 10 URLs at a glance. This functionality can also be used only by indicating the keyword, without including the website url. 

2. Cannibalization Module

With this tool you will be able to detect which URLs on your website are competing for the same keyword, which will be harming the positioning of said URLs. In this module DinoRank shows you information about the URLs, it tells you the keyword for which they are cannibalizing, as well as the average position of each one and the source, whether mobile or computer. It also gives you advice on how to solve this problem. This function is rare to find in other tools.

3. Internal PageRank

In this module DinoRank analyzes how internal linking affects the transmission of authority within your website. You will be able to see at a glance thanks to the graphic format in which the data is displayed which are the URLs of your website with the most internal Page Rank, and you will be able to make decisions based on this information to increase the positions of your URLs.

4. Internal Linking

This is another functionality that, together with the one mentioned above, will help you get the best out of your web architecture. This module visually shows you how you have linked the different URLs of your website. Both tools will help you wisely plan the internal linking architecture and ensure that the greatest authority is transmitted to the most relevant pages on your website. 

5. Thin Content

With DinoRank you will be able to detect the pages on your website that are not adequately responding to what the user is looking for, and that are displaying low quality content for that keyword. You will simply have to indicate a date range and the tool will show you a list of URLs that Google is not showing as it should. 

6. Organic Traffic

This module allows you to learn about the different positioning opportunities for your website’s URLS. From the interface it allows you to analyze both the keywords that are already positioned and the keyword opportunities. 

In the first section you can see the keywords for which a single url is positioning or see all the keywords for which an entire website is positioning. Once the analysis is done, it shows you information about clicks, impressions and average position. 

From this functionality you can also know the keyword opportunities for the different URLs, that is, DinoRank shows you a list of keywords for which you could be ranking in high positions for a specific URL, it also gives you some tips to improve that positioning. either. 

DinoRank and SE Ranking Prices

We assume that both options are quite economical for the quality of the content they offer.

DinoRank does not have a free trial version, but it can be contracted for €19/month in the most basic plans for an annual subscription, or €25 if you prefer the monthly subscription. The starter plan, which is the most basic, has a limit of uses, but it is enough to grow two or more projects. But for agencies with high volumes of projects, the pro and business plans have been created, with which you can access a greater number of uses in the different functionalities and also have white label reports. 

Se Ranking also offers different payment methods that vary depending on the frequency with which you want the platform to track the positions, whether weekly, every 3 days or daily, the period that you are going to be subscribed to the platform and the plan that you are going to subscribe to. to choose from, which in turn can determine the number of keywords to track, which will vary the price. Se ranking offers you a free 14-day trial version that can be accessed by simply registering your email. 

DinoRank vs SE Ranking Result

Once I have compared some of the main functions of each tool, I can say that DinoRank is presented as the winner, since it has very powerful and useful tools for anyone who wants to improve the positioning of their website or that of their clients. It is a very easy to use and quite intuitive tool and it’s necessary to use technology to build strong online business identity.

While other tools give you a large amount of data with which to make decisions, DinoRank includes modules that save you the time you spend analyzing that data. With features such as cannibalization you can prevent your own pages from competing for the same keyword. With Page Rank and internal linking you can develop a strategy to improve the transmission of authority within your website, or even to find the best solution to cannibalization problems. With the Thin content module, you will know which pages have content that can be improved and you will be able to have an idea of ​​how to do it by passing the keyword to attack and the URL through the prominence module. With DinoRank you will not swim in seas of information from which you later have to draw conclusions, because the tool itself gives you instructions and advice on how to get the best out of your website. 

SE Ranking is a very complete tool that will undoubtedly provide you with relevant information to manage your project, but the usability and ease of understanding the information leave a little to be desired. You can use the free trial version it offers by simply registering an email to use its functionalities. 

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